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Understanding the Times and the Alien Philosophies Opposed to God’s Truth

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That They May Be One? A Response to the Claims of the Papacy

September 20, 2023

by Harold O.J. Brown – The words of Jesus Great High Priestly Prayer, in John 17:11, are sometimes used to prove that Jesus wants a unified church and that therefore separation is sinful.  Of course the Lord himself does not tell us, neither in John 17 nor elsewhere, exactly what the unity is to be … Read More

Conscience Captive to the Word of God: A Defense of Sola Scriptura

September 20, 2023

by Steven B. Cowan – When Martin Luther stood before the Diet of Worms in 1521 and was asked by Roman Catholic officials to recant his writings, he replied, “Unless I am convinced by the testimony of Scripture or by sound reason. . .my conscience is captive to the Word of God.  I cannot and … Read More

Veritas: The Reformation Was Not a Mistake!

September 20, 2023

by Craig Branch – (Introductory article to the Areopagus Journal Vol. 4 No. 3 Many Protestant Evangelicals will wonder why we have chosen this title. “Of course the Reformation wasn’t a mistake! Roman Catholicism is as apostate as ever, and most Roman Catholics are lost and going to hell.”   Other Protestants will disagree with … Read More

The Burning Bosom: A Look at the Mormon “Testimony”

September 20, 2023

by Craig Branch – Christianity makes truth claims. Even our “faith” claims are grounded in objective reality-rooted in real time-space history . The external witness of that truth is revealed in the Bible, which testifies of real people and real event s, both natural and supernatural. The life, message, works, and resurrection of Jesus Christ … Read More

“Ye Are Gods”: The Mormon Gospel

September 19, 2023

by Bill McKeever – Discussing the issue of salvation with our Mormon friends can, at times, be a very frustrating experience. Many evangelical Christians have walked away after dialoguing with members of the LDS Church thinking that their beliefs are not all that far apart. However, as with all other topics pertinent to religious faith, … Read More

The Impossible God: A Philosophical Assessment of the Mormon Deity

September 19, 2023

by Steven B. Cowan – Latter Day Saints (or Mormons) believe in a god that could not possibly exist. I say this not as an agnostic or atheistic skeptic who doubts the existence of any and all gods. I am a Christian. I believe that God-the God of the Bible-exists. The God of the Bible, … Read More

What is Apologetics?

Apologetics is a word derived from the Greek word apologia, which means to give a reasoned defense (1 Pet. 3:15). In its Biblical context, apologetics is a branch of Christian theology and philosophy through which the Christian mind expresses itself in the task of evangelism.

Christian Apologetics

The vindication of Christian truth claims and philosophy of life against the various forms of non-Christian philosophies of life. It is the responsibility of every Christian to be equipped in some knowledge and use of apologetics.

The work of apologetics should include the following three dimensions: (a) Apologetics as proof – presenting a rational basis for faith that confronts unbelief in the believer as well as in the unbeliever; (b) Apologetics as defense – answering the objections and overcoming the barriers of unbelief; (c) Apologetics as offense – demonstrating or revealing the foolishness of unbelieving thought and world-views in conflict with the Christian faith.

Seek the Truth

Apologetics seeks to provide rational grounds for believing the truth claims of Christianity in whole or in part and to respond to objections raised against the true knowledge of God in whole or in part in the Christian faith (2 Corinthians 10:3-5).

We Have a Passion for Christ

Apologetics should stress that God is interested in the character of the Christian and in the manner in which truth is communicated. The Christian must speak the truth in love, not being quarrelsome, able to teach, correcting the error with gentleness, kindness, patience, and humility. (2 Timothy 2:24-26)