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Understanding the Times and the Alien Philosophies Opposed to God’s Truth

Become the antidote by knowing God’s truth and being the truth in your home, neighborhood, and culture.

Destructive Cults

July 1, 2021

By Craig Branch – We live in a country that constitutionally protects the freedom of religion. This is a precious liberty which allows men the freedom to believe any way he chooses. This is a pluralistic society. But it is a mistake to think that one can practice his religious philosophy any way he chooses. … Read More

Cult or Cultic?

July 1, 2021

By Craig Branch – When asked to give examples of a cult, the average church member usually conjures up the names of groups like Moonies, Satanism, Jonestown, Scientology, and perhaps the Hare Krishna. Today, undoubtedly, David Koresh and the Branch-Davidians would be a common refrain. Much less heard would be Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Christian Science, and the Worldwide Church of God. And even less, many of … Read More

Yoga and T’ai Chi

July 1, 2021

By Craig Branch – Many Christians bemoan the many decisions of the judicial system concerning the separation of church and state. But actually these decisions may prove to be important for Christians in using the government to respond to certain forces that are opposed to Christ (Romans 13:1-3). Christians do not appreciate decisions which diminish the preserving … Read More

New Age Teaching in Our Schools

July 1, 2021

By Craig Branch – “A generation in love with Tolkien’s fantasy and Castaneda’s sorcery are ready for magic in themselves and in their young children.” “You can only have a new society. if you change the education of the younger people.” – Marilyn Ferguson, The Aquarian Conspiracy “What did you do in school today?” used to … Read More

Conversations with the Counterfeit

July 1, 2021

By Craig Branch – There are many Christian leaders and secular writers who are describing the state of decline of our culture. The popular term used to describe this state is postmodernism. Briefly, postmodernism represents a growing rejection of rational empiricism, science, and Christian absolutes, or any objective truth. Relativism and one’s experience or feelings as the … Read More

Does the Bible Teach Reincarnation?

June 30, 2021

by Craig Branch – A recent Newsweek magazine (28 November 1994) ran as its cover story, “The Search for the Sacred: America’s Quest for Spiritual Meaning.” This was a particularly revealing article not just because it acknowledged and discussed the significant increase in interest in spirituality, but because the observations demonstrated the dominance of the New Age Movement (NAM), … Read More

What is Apologetics?

Apologetics is a word derived from the Greek word apologia, which means to give a reasoned defense (1 Pet. 3:15). In its Biblical context, apologetics is a branch of Christian theology and philosophy through which the Christian mind expresses itself in the task of evangelism.

Christian Apologetics

The vindication of Christian truth claims and philosophy of life against the various forms of non-Christian philosophies of life. It is the responsibility of every Christian to be equipped in some knowledge and use of apologetics.

The work of apologetics should include the following three dimensions: (a) Apologetics as proof – presenting a rational basis for faith that confronts unbelief in the believer as well as in the unbeliever; (b) Apologetics as defense – answering the objections and overcoming the barriers of unbelief; (c) Apologetics as offense – demonstrating or revealing the foolishness of unbelieving thought and world-views in conflict with the Christian faith.

Seek the Truth

Apologetics seeks to provide rational grounds for believing the truth claims of Christianity in whole or in part and to respond to objections raised against the true knowledge of God in whole or in part in the Christian faith (2 Corinthians 10:3-5).

We Have a Passion for Christ

Apologetics should stress that God is interested in the character of the Christian and in the manner in which truth is communicated. The Christian must speak the truth in love, not being quarrelsome, able to teach, correcting the error with gentleness, kindness, patience, and humility. (2 Timothy 2:24-26)