Thank you all for being here.

I invited you today to hopefully raise awareness of how our children are under assault in schools across this country but also here in Alabama.

I’m speaking as a concerned Alabamian and grandfather, and I’m doing so from the steps of our capital to make the point that it is the responsibility of leaders of this state to do everything in their power to protect children in schools.

Today, I want to discuss three dangerous doctrines infecting our culture. Their in­fluences are spilling over into our schools, so I felt compelled to sound the alarm as best I can.

The reason for this press conference today -at this time- is because we are in the first few weeks of the school year and time is of the essence.

We must curb these destructive doctrines and construct a wall of resistance to be assured these concepts are rejected when they raise their heads. They are like a cancer metastasizing over time infecting the minds and souls of children.

They are symptoms of the cultural tsunami that has reached critical mass in America, and if left unchecked are toxic to Alabama children.

My “call” today is from a grandfather’s heart.

I’m appealing to our people to consider that our children are in the crosshairs of hell itself, and my prayer is that everyone will take the time to consider this mes­sage.

The three doctrines are like a beast with three heads. Each head represents a lying doctrine, and all three taken together are an unprecedented assault on children.

The first head of the beast is the Critical Race Theory (CRT)

CRT drives us and our children against each other; it promotes demoralization of children with different skin colors. We should teach our children to be good citi­zens and to care about and support one another as fellow students.

The essence of CRT is division. At its core, it views society as made up of cate­gories of oppressors and oppressed; each of us is one or the other.

The classroom is a primary arena chosen to undermine America by planting seeds of hatred in the minds of children at a vulnerable age. We believe all peo­ple and all races are created (equal) in the eyes of God.

Fortunately, resistance against CRT exists in Alabama. However, CRT has been around for decades and those advocating this theory won’t give up. We must continue to be vigilant in resisting CRT when we see it in any form.

The second head of the beast is the influence of Transgenderism in schools.

Many try to convince us that transgenderism is the next step in equality and want you to believe it is a civil rights struggle.


It is indoctrination of children that conflicts with and is in opposition to the nature and character of God. There are inherent dangers of the opposite sex in bath­rooms, and permanent damage can happen from hormone therapy at any age. That’s not to mention boys competing in girls’ sports, which has been rejected by the legislature while at the same time is celebrated by influencers like the NCAA and ESPN to name a few. Our children are bombarded with transgenderism from all spheres of influence in the world including media, government, arts, com­merce, family, churches and unfortunately the sphere of education. It’s in the sphere of education that the transgender subculture wants a beachhead on which to twist the minds of children into buying into such rubbish.

There’s pressure from the federal government to codify transgenderism into Title IX, the federal civil rights law. If successful, this would give students legal access to bathrooms that match their chosen identity and that a boy must be treated as a girl (or vice versa) by authorities if that’s the identity they have chosen. Teachers privately say that it is a distraction in class just to get the pronouns straight. They feel like they are walking on eggshells to avoid a school reprimand.

We must reject all of it.

God created every child in His image. A boy is a boy and a girl is a girl. There is no other! There are thousands of years of history and tradition to back up this claim. If we close our eyes to avoid conflict with the left, then we are accomplices to the lie that a young boy can be a girl, or a young girl can be a boy.

We must love all children struggling in this area and compassion is needed. However, real love is Christ Centered; real love will not allow us to come into agreement with things that so strongly collide with God’s natural order.

Therefore, we can’t acquiesce to such things in Alabama schools.

The third head of the beast has slipped up on us. This one is going to catch many by surprise, but I ask that you hear me out. It’s unusually dangerous to our children because it’s mainstream.

The third head of the beast is yoga in classrooms beginning as early as kindergarten.

Yoga is a spiritual discipline rooted in Hindu philosophy. I know that many well ­meaning families in Alabama practice Yoga. Some of my family members have practiced yoga until they realized what it was about, so I understand that most people don’t know its hidden symbolism. Until recently, Alabama was the only state in the country that did not allow yoga in public schools. However, this year the Alabama legislature reversed the 30-year ban on yoga in schools and now kindergarteners with parental consent can practice it. If there ever was a question as to whether yoga is part of the Hindu religion, the new law makes it clear.

The permission slip for parents to sign in the legislation says, “I am informed that my child (name of child) will participate in yoga instruction at the school named above. I understand that yoga is part of the Hinduism reli­gion. I give my child permission to participate in yoga instruction in school.”

    I don’t remember needing permission for jumping jacks or toe touches, do you? Think about it! They took prayer out of schools, and now we have this trojan horse called yoga.

The word “yoga” means to become yoked with god, and it is not referring to the God of the Bible. However, the legislature did restrict some components of yoga, but they allowed others including the exercise poses that imitate certain Hindu gods.

To imitate is to honor; it is a form of worship. Do you want your 5-year-old, in the name of stretching, to place their little body in a pose that honors a Hindu god?

This is not meant to shame or judge but to inform. I hope this will inspire parents to research the issue themselves, so they can make an informed decision whether to allow their child to practice yoga at school. If a child practices yoga, the spiritual risk of opening a portal into their sensitive little soul is real.

The legislature made this mess, and they need to clean it up by reinstating the ban on yoga. To be of help, we are drafting such a bill for their consideration.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are standing here on hallowed ground and at the front door of our Capital. This is the Gateway to our government. In a Fortress, the enemy attacks the Gate first. If it fails, the fort’s compromised.

It’s at this gate that we must make our stand against the doctrines I’ve illustrated with the three headed beast. All of which project a world view.

  1. That God is irrelevant and certainly doesn’t belong in schools.
  2. That there are many gods.
  3. That yoga is only exercise and not an eastern religion.
  4. That absolutes don’t matter.
  5. That the traditional family of a father and a mother is no longer the best model for society.
  6. That separation based on skin color is acceptable.
  7. They call good – evil and evil – good.
  8. They call girls – boys and boys – girls.

They claim Alabama is last. However, what they don’t understand is that Alabama is first in things that matter such as protecting children in schools no matter how severe the fight might be.

I don’t have to tell you that many problems exist in America, but they are pale compared to what this nation will look like if we lose this cultural war and America becomes a secular Godless nation blowing to and fro in the wind with no plum line or principles and only a lukewarm belief in the heavenly things that protect and guide us. I’ve chosen to join this war to protect all children from the cultural pollution they’re exposed to every day.

    The time for the battle is now and the place for this invasion of truth is in our schools. The culture will mock, but the victory will be worth the fight when we see the atmosphere in our schools and across this land shifting back to the Judeo-Christian foundation on which this nation was constructed.

As a grandfather, I’m asking everyone to put on the armor and charge unapologetically forward letting your voice be heard in the chamber of this capital and in the school boards of your community demanding that they stand against these destructive ideas.

We as a corporate body decree that the gates of hell shall not prevail over this capital nor over the schools of Alabama.

Thank you and God Bless,

Tim James


This transcript is from the speech given by Tim James  on September 17, 2021.