Frank M. Barker, Jr. Pastor Emeritus, Briarwood Presbyterian Church, Birmingham, AL

“I want to recommend an excellent resource for your congregation. Clete Hux heads up the Apologetics Resource Center here in Birmingham where I have the privilege of serving on the board. He has been a wonderful resource for me and Briarwood Church. He who also is a PCA pastor, and has been a long time friend and colleague.

He and the other staff have outstanding and practical expertise in a wide variety of areas such as teaching the body why we believe what we believe, responding to objections in defense of the faith, cultural apologetics issues, and evangelically responding to cults and other religions.

ARC has published an excellent journal (The Areopagus) covering a wide range of subjects from Building a Christian Worldview, Islam, Roman Catholicism to Evolution-Creation, and many more. They are highly qualified to cover many areas our people really need grounding in but which take special expertise to cover. They also provide an ongoing ministry with your congregation.

Let me encourage you to seriously explore having them come and bless your people. The best way to do this would be to contact Clete at”

Al Jackson, Pastor, Lakeview Baptist Church, Auburn, AL

“I am pleased to commend to my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ the ministry of the Apologetics Resource Center. The speakers who represent the Apologetics Resource Center are capable and articulate defenders of the faith once for all delivered to the saints. These men are God’s gift to the church in this generation which is characterized by so much theological confusion and compromise. They provide honest answers to the questions which people are asking.”