Rev. Keith Gibson
Rev. Keith Gibson, Director – Kansas City, MO

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Kansas City Office Conference Formats and Topics

Conference Formats:

ARC is able to offer conferences in a variety of formats to accommodate the needs of any church situation. We will customize our presentation to your needs. Some suggested models, however, range from two-hour conferences during the evening (Sunday, Wednesday, Saturday) that focus on giving members a solid overview of one topic plus witnessing tips, to revival style conferences running Sunday through Wednesday evenings or Weekend conferences beginning Friday evening and running through much of the day on Saturday. We can offer a format where the entire church meets together and covers a topic or where a variety of topics are offered in break-out sessions meeting at the same time to give a wider selection or a conference offering some plenary sessions and some breakout sessions.

Conference Topics:

ARC-Kansas City has speakers to cover the following topics:

  • General Apologetics
    • The Resurrection of Christ- Hoax or History?
    • Defending the Integrity of the Scriptures
    • Refuting Evolution
    • Recognizing Scripture Twisting
    • Postmodernism/Pluralism
    • Witnessing to Atheists and Agnostics
    • Sola Scriptura
    • Christian Essentials
    • Christian Ethics
    • Homosexuality
    • The Da Vinci Code
  • Mormonism
    • Overview of Doctrine
    • Mormon History
    • In-depth look at the Book of Mormon
    • The Mormon Plan of Salvation- Mission Impossible
    • The Mormon Temple Ceremony
    • Community of Christ and other splinter groups
    • Community of Christ: Mormon Christian or Other
    • Joseph Smith (the man, his teaching, false prophecy)
    • Witnessing to Mormons
    • Visit with a Mormon Elder
    • “A Different Jesus?”, a review of Robert Millet’s new book
  • Jehovah’s Witnesses
    • Overview of Doctrine
    • Demonstrating the Deity of Christ to JW’s
    • Giving a Powerful Witness to the Witnesses at Your Door
    • False Prophecies of the Watchtower
    • Overcoming JW Objections to the Trinity
    • Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Resurrection
  • New Age Movement
    • Overview of the Movement and Doctrine
    • Witnessing to New Agers
    • Wicca
    • Goth
    • Ramtha
  • Islam
    • History and Doctrine
    • Reasoning with Muslims
  • Hinduism
    • Doctrine and Development
    • Witnessing to Hindu’s
    • Yoga- Exercise or Religious Practice?
  • The Family (formerly known as The Children of God)
    • Overview of Doctrine and Present Activity (This presentation is only for adults
      due to the sensitive nature of some of the content.)
  • Unity School of Christianity
    • Basic Beliefs and Witnessing Tips
  • Pop Religion
    • Scientology
    • Kabbalah
  • Christian Science
    • Basic Beliefs and Witnessing Tips
  • Aberrant Christianity
    • Word Faith Movement
    • Apostolic/Prophetic Movements
    • International House of Prayer (IHOP)
    • Harold Camping
  • Sacred Name Movement
    • Overview of the movement and beliefs
  • Bible-Based Cults
    • Cults on Campus
    • The Robert’s Group (The Garbage Eaters, The Brethren)
    • University Bible Fellowship
    • International Church of Christ
    • Characteristics of Spiritually Abusive Groups

Members of ARC are constantly involved in research to better help us to share our faith with those in false movements; therefore other lectures could be developed based on the need of a particular local church.