Climate Change Controversy

May 30, 2015By ARCCulture

by Craig Branch – Everywhere you turn – television stories, news stories, magazine articles, regulations, restrictions, hybrid cars, Al Gore – we are confronted with warnings of human induced global warming and catastrophic climate change. An important dimension of apologetics is to defend and advance a Biblical worldview in shaping culture. Christianity and Christians are … Read More

Can We Know Christianity Is True? Part Three

May 28, 2015By ARCCommon Objections

by Steven B. Cowan – Part 3 We concluded in the previous installment of this essay that knowledge does not require having absolute certainty. We can know things, even very important and controversial things, even if we can’t have the kind of certainty about it that rules out all possibility of doubt. But, the question … Read More

Can We Know Christianity Is True? Part Two

May 28, 2015By ARCCommon Objections

by Steven B. Cowan – In the last issue of the newsletter, I showed that Scripture supports the notion that Christian truth-claims can be known and are not simply matters of subjective opinion. Part 2 continues with a discussion of the nature of knowledge and its connection to the human desire for certainty. Knowledge and … Read More

Conference Topics for Comparative Religions

April 8, 2015By ARCComparative Religions

ISLAM: What is Islam? Is Islam a religion of peace? What is Jihad? What is the difference between Christianity and Islam, between the Bible and the Qur’an, between the Cross and the Crescent? Is Muhammad or Jesus God’s final messenger? Islam vehemently denies that Jesus was divine or the Son of God. Why? Why is … Read More

Conference Topics for Common Objections

April 8, 2015By ARCCommon Objections

Evangelism and Apologetics Evangelism and Apologetics are the two sides of the same Christian gospel. They are both different and complimentary. While evangelism defines what the gospel is, apologetics explains why the gospel is necessary. In order for Christians to effectively reach the minds and hearts of people with the truth claims of the gospel … Read More

Can We Know Christianity Is True? Part One

March 20, 2015By ARCCommon Objections

By Steven B. Cowan – (Part One) Many Christians today have adopted the secularistic view that religious and moral matters are simply matters of faith or opinion. But I would like to argue instead that Christians ought to stand firm in the conviction that God’s existence and other Christian beliefs are things that can be … Read More

Upside Down Cosmology

Upside Down Cosmology

March 12, 2015By ARCCulture

By Clete Hux – “The Unnatural Worldview of Homosexuality” Introduction: It has been said that, “In the beginning God created man in His image and ever since man has attempted to return the favor!” Although this saying is used often in the sense of man making himself out to be God, it also speaks of … Read More

What Are the Three Laws of Logic?

January 6, 2015By ARCGeneral Apologetics

By J. P. Moreland – There are three fundamental laws of logic. Suppose P is any indicative sentence, say, “It is raining.” The law of identity: P is P. The law of noncontradiction: P is not non-P. The law of the excluded middle: Either P or non-P. The law of identity says that if a … Read More

Liberation Theology the “Wright” Way

December 15, 2014By ARCGeneral Apologetics

By Clete Hux – With the presidential candidacy of Barack Obama, Liberation Theology has come to the forefront of public attention. This attention is mainly due to Obama’s outspoken pastor, Jeremiah Wright, of the Trinity United Church of Christ (UCOC) in Chicago, Illinois. The controversy caused by Wright raises questions that many people would like … Read More

The Apologetics of Thomas Aquinas

December 9, 2014By ARCGeneral Apologetics

By Norman L. Geisler – Thomas Aquinas was born near Aquino, Italy probably around 1224-5. He attended the University of Naples in 1239 where he encountered the writings of Aristotle which was to have a great impact on his thinking. Aquinas joined the Domincan Order of Preachers around 1243—in spite of the violent opposition of … Read More

Buying Into Scientology

December 3, 2014By ARCGeneral Apologetics

By Craig Branch Scientology is like a chameleon. It attempts to morph or change its profile according to the situation. It’s leaders (and subsequently its followers) are conditioned to believe that the end justifies the means. The end is “Scientology over the world.” There are various means. One category of those means is front organizations. … Read More

Checkers on a Chess Board

November 18, 2014By ARCGeneral Apologetics

By Brandon Robbins – Discussing the debate on the New Perspective of Paul (NPP). Every year my family gets together from across the country for the thanksgiving holidays. Many of my nieces and nephews gather in my father’s library to play a game on my father’s rather large chess table. If you are not a … Read More

What Bible Should I Read?

What Bible Should I Read?

November 17, 2014By ARCGeneral Apologetics

By Craig Branch and Jason Dollar – How do you know which translation to use in your reading and study of God’s Word? Go to a Christian bookstore and note how many different versions are displayed. Quite a few, right? One may reasonably ask how our Bibles can be inspired and inerrant when we have … Read More