“Ye Are Gods”: The Mormon Gospel

September 19, 2023By ARCComparative Religions, Cult

by Bill McKeever – Discussing the issue of salvation with our Mormon friends can, at times, be a very frustrating experience. Many evangelical Christians have walked away after dialoguing with members of the LDS Church thinking that their beliefs are not all that far apart. However, as with all other topics pertinent to religious faith, … Read More

Veritas: The Cult Next Door

September 19, 2023By ARCComparative Religions, Cult

by Craig Branch – An Introduction to Areopagus Journal Vol. 4 No. 5 September-October 2004 In 1977, I opened the door and engaged two Mormon missionaries in conversation. Only a year earlier, I had come to Christ through a combination of Christians reaching out to me in friendship and a pastor who patiently met with … Read More

Veritas: “Who Do Men Say That I Am?”

September 19, 2023By ARCGeneral Apologetics

by Craig Branch – Introductory article for the Areopagus Journal Vol. 4 No. 6 – Who Do Men Say that I Am?” Doesn’t everyone in the West know that Jesus is the Son of God? Atheists and hard core agnostics (functional atheists) number only about 14% of the population. So why devote an entire issue … Read More

Glossary of Terms: Areopagus Journal Vol. 4 No. 6

September 19, 2023By ARCGeneral Apologetics

Christology. The branch of systematic theology concerned with the person and work of Christ. Cynicism. Originally a counter-cultural movement in the Greco-Roman world which flouted accepted cultural norms and sought a life of freedom and simplicity. epistemology. The branch of philosophy concerned with the nature, justification, and scope of human knowledge. eschatology. A branch of … Read More

On Aliens and Raelians

September 19, 2023By ARCCommon Objections

by Clete Hux – Solomon wrote, “There’s nothing new under the sun,” but he wasn’t familiar with Raelians. Granted, the increased attention in the last several years over UFO mania isn’t new. Just when we thought we had seen it all with the “Heaven’s Gate” UFO cult, here come the Raelians, telling us that human … Read More

How Far Should We Go to Have a Baby?

September 13, 2023By ARCCulture, General Apologetics

by Scott B. Rae – A few months ago, a woman in our church approached me excitedly to tell me about an unusual occurrence that was taking place in their family. Motivated by altruism alone, their daughter had agreed to be a surrogate mother for their daughter in law. The egg of the daughter in … Read More

What Can We Know about the Historical Jesus?

September 12, 2023By ARCGeneral Apologetics

by Craig A. Evans- Seventy-five years ago Rudolf Bultmann remarked that “we can know almost nothing concerning the life and personality of Jesus, since the early Christian sources show no interest in either, are moreover fragmentary and often legendary; and other sources about Jesus do not exist.”1 To be sure, Bultmann’s skeptical stance provoked reactions, … Read More

Veritas: Jesus Legend or Lord? (Part Two)

September 12, 2023By ARCGeneral Apologetics

by Craig Branch – (Introduction to Areopagus Journal Jesus Legend or Lord Part Two Vol. 3 No. 4 – July-August 2003) In our last Areopagus Journal (Vol. 3, No. 3), we began our apologetics response to the attacks on the trustworthiness of the gospel accounts of Jesus and His message, as well as His incarnational … Read More

The Jesus Seminar: Representative or Radical?

September 12, 2023By ARCGeneral Apologetics

by Craig L. Blomberg- Jesus Christ has been the centerpiece of Western history for two thousand years. Yet while his followers have numbered in the millions, the movement he began has always had its critics. The most recent and best publicized of these, at least in North American academia, is a group of scholars known … Read More

Jesus, History, and the Four Gospels

September 12, 2023By ARCGeneral Apologetics

by Douglas Groothuis- The historical particulars of Jesus’ life are of paramount importance for accurately assessing his message and his identity. We know of nothing written by Jesus. He must be understood in terms of the encounters, discourses, and events narrated in the primary historical documents that recount his life—the four Gospels of the New … Read More

Veritas: Jesus Legend or Lord? (Part One)

September 11, 2023By ARCGeneral Apologetics

Introduction to Areopagus Journal Vol. 3 No. 3 / May-June 2003 by Craig Branch- One of the best-known contemporary apologetic works, which has positively influenced skeptics toward faith, is C. S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity. In it, he posits the great trilemma to the effect that, based on the evidence, Jesus Christ was either “liar, Lord, … Read More