To Clone or Not to Clone?

March 18, 2014By Apologetics Resource CenterCulture

by Donal P. O’Mathuna and Walter L. Larimore The world awakened on December 27, 2002 to the news that the first human clone had been born—or so the claim went, anyway.1 A cloning company called Clonaid, set up by a cult-group called the Raelians, claimed to have produced a baby named Eve who was cloned from … Read More

Capital Punishment

March 18, 2014By Apologetics Resource CenterGeneral Apologetics

By Kerby Anderson Should Christians support the death penalty? The answer to that question is controversial. Many Christians feel that the Bible has spoken to the issue, but others believe that the New Testament ethic of love replaces the Old Testament law. Old Testament Examples Throughout the Old Testament we find many cases in which … Read More

Christian Economics

March 17, 2014By Apologetics Resource CenterCulture

A Christian Understanding of Economics: Mutual Gains from Trade By Eric Schansberg It is common for Christians to be relatively uninterested in economics. Within politics, those who are socially and theologically conservative tend to focus on matters of personal righteousness (e.g., gambling), community standards (e.g., prayer in schools), and especially “social justice” (e.g., “life” issues … Read More

Does God Exist?

Does God Exist?

March 17, 2014By Craig BranchCommon Objections

Author: Craig Branch – Atheism: from the Greek a (without) and theos (deity or God). It is a word commonly understood as meaning a denial of the existence of gods. The most fundamental question of religion, of spiritual experience, and of philosophy is: Is there a God? And if there is a God, what difference … Read More

The Resurrection of Jesus Hoax or History?

The Resurrection of Jesus Hoax or History?

March 17, 2014By Steven CowanCommon Objections

Author: Steven B. Cowan – “And if Christ has not been raised, our preaching is useless and so is your faith.” (1 Cor. 15:14, NIV) The Apostle Paul hinged everything on the resurrection of Jesus Christ. As he said in 1 Corinthians 15, the truth and meaningfulness of the Christian faith rest on this event. … Read More

Has Postmodernism Killed Truth?

March 13, 2014By Craig BranchCommon Objections

By Craig Branch – About 30 years ago a pastor named Frank Barker was sharing the gospel with me, and he told me it was necessary that I both accept the gospel of grace and that I needed to repent (surrender my will and life to the Lord Jesus Christ). At that second condition, I … Read More

Is Hell Real?

March 13, 2014By Apologetics Resource CenterCommon Objections

Eternal Punishment: The Biblical Evidence By E. Ray Clendenen – The church traditionally has taught that God will send every person to hell to suffer forever who hasn’t trusted Jesus Christ as the only source of forgiveness, mercy, and goodness. Is this really what the Bible teaches? Could it be that God applies the work … Read More

Creation or Evolution?

March 12, 2014By Craig BranchCommon Objections

Author: Craig Branch –   In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth [and on the sixth day] God said ‘Let us make man in Our image’…He created him, male and female He created them. Genesis 1:1, 26 The cosmos is all that is, or ever was, or ever will be. Carl Sagan … Read More

Attacks on Authority of Bible

Attacks on Authority of Bible

March 12, 2014By Craig BranchCommon Objections

Author Craig Branch – This Article is taken from the Veritas (Introduction)  of the Areopagus Journal The Breath of God Volume 2 Number 1 Historical Attacks On the Canon There are two primary aspects of apologetics often referred to as negative and positive apologetics. The latter has to do with presenting positive arguments for the Christian … Read More