Of Capitol Importance

Of Capitol Importance

February 2, 2021By ARCCulture, General Apologetics

Dr. Peter Jones – How does one make sense of the elections? Where is our culture going? What will the future hold? A colleague of mine wrote: “What we need to hear is admission of wrong and repentance.” Posting this appeal for repentance and admission of wrong from fellow believers doubtless implies that all those … Read More

The Radical Divide

The Radical Divide

January 28, 2021By ARCCulture, General Apologetics

By Paul A. Cleveland – The political divide in our country seems to grow bigger each and every day. For many of us we wonder if our country will ever return to some sense of normalcy. Indeed, as Christians we feel that the leftist are mounting what appears a growing attack on the faith. Why … Read More

Yoga in Public Schools

January 19, 2021By ARCCulture, General Apologetics

On this week’s TAB Talks, co-hosts Jennifer Rash and Debbie Campbell talk with attorney Eric Johnston of the Southeast Law Institute and Rev. Clete Hux of the Apologetics Resource Center about allowing the practice of yoga in Alabama public schools. Existing Alabama law bans the practice of yoga in K–12 public schools on the basis … Read More

The Ideological Purge

The Ideological Purge

January 11, 2021By ARCCulture

By Alyssa Ahlgren –   Setting an astonishing precedent, the trinity of social media — Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter — suspended and banned profiles belonging to the sitting president of the United States indefinitely. The ban of the leader of the free world has led platforms like Shopify, YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Spotify … Read More


December 3, 2020By ARCGeneral Apologetics

By Clete Hux Angels. According to Christian belief, these are spiritual, immortal creatures that serve as intermediaries between God and humans.  They live in heaven but can be sent to earth by God for special service.  The word “angel” is derived from the Greek angelos and also translates the Hebrew malak.  Both words mean “messenger.”  … Read More

Attempts to Secularize Yoga in Alabama Schools

Attempts to Secularize Yoga in Alabama Schools

December 2, 2020By ARCComparative Religions, Culture

By Rev. Clete Hux – Yoga: Physical exercise or religious spirituality? Legal or illegal? Those are some questions that the State Senate Committee needs to consider with regards to practicing or not practicing yoga in Alabama schools K-12. The Alabama Administrative Code (AAC), Rule 290-040-040-.2 that bans the practice of yoga and meditation in its … Read More

Positive Obsession

November 6, 2020By ARCGeneral Apologetics

By Clete Hux Narcissism (the inordinate love of self) is a major feature of contemporary American society, and the church has not been a stranger to its influence.  For years Christianity has had its share of self-help therapies and the like.  Most people remember when the PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) craze was in vogue.  That … Read More

Scriptural Admonitions Regarding Mob Mentality, Rioting, and Cancel Culture

Scriptural Admonitions Regarding Mob Mentality, Rioting, and Cancel Culture

September 2, 2020By ARCCulture, General Apologetics

By Paul Cleveland – Given the current riots, mob mentality, and cancel culture that are sweeping across America, now would be a good time to reflect upon the fundamental principles on which our culture rests. Western civilization is rooted in a Judeo-Christian tradition. Historically, in Western communities the Bible was understood as being God’s Word. … Read More

The Spirituality of Politics

The Spirituality of Politics

August 24, 2020By ARCCulture

By Dr. Peter Jones – As we approach the 2020 presidential elections, Christians should think deeply about their vote. Clearly, no current political party has any right to lay claim to being the G.O.P, “God’s Own Party.” Traditionally, believers (myself included) have sought to avoid taking a public political stance in order both to respect … Read More

Only Five Black Lives Matter?

July 15, 2020By ARCCulture

-Dr. Peter Jones Systemic Racism The accusation of “systemic racism” is everywhere—in the news media, in the halls of government, in churches, and, above all, in politics. The term implies that our country’s entire “system” is shot through in all areas and by all people with the belief that one race (the white race) is … Read More

Is It Really About Race?

Is It Really About Race?

June 12, 2020By ARCCulture, General Apologetics

Dr. Peter Jones –  I will never forget the revulsive, heart-wrenching image of George Floyd’s face and neck crushed into the pavement and the coldly passive face of the white cop who refused to let him up in spite of his gasping cries for mercy. The whole world, whatever its ethnicity or nationality, is outraged. … Read More

Christian Liberties: A Road to Paganism?

May 29, 2020By adminComparative Religions

By Rev. Clete Hux – The area of doctrine concerning Christian liberty is known as adiaphora, meaning “things indifferent”– things in personal choices that should not affect an individual’s salvation one way or the other if a person chooses to exercise those choices. These should be things the Bible neither condemns nor approves because they … Read More

Resurrection Miracle of Miracles

April 14, 2020By adminGeneral Apologetics

– By Rev. Clete Hux Faith is only as credible as its foundation. Faith in Christ is no exception. For the Christian faith to be credible it must have essential truth at its core. Its foundational truth is the Gospel of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Without Christ, there is no Christianity … Read More

Evaluating the Book of Mormon

April 10, 2020By Keith GibsonComparative Religions, General Apologetics

By Keith Gibson – The Claim The Book of Mormon professes to be the record of the original inhabitants of the Americas who are descended from the Jews in Israel. These Jews migrated from Jerusalem in approximately 600 B.C., shortly before its destruction. After arriving in the Americas, this small group of individuals became divided … Read More

Worshiping the Earth

March 31, 2020By adminComparative Religions

– By Clete Hux “For they exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever.  Amen.”  (Rom. 1:22-23; 25) It should come as no surprise to the spiritually minded that America has become increasingly pagan over the last few decades.  Political correctness, … Read More