What Does the Bible Teach About Abortion?

March 19, 2014By Apologetics Resource CenterCulture

By John Ankerberg and John Weldon – In the Old Testament, the Bible uses the same Hebrew words to describe the pre-born child, infants, and children.  In the New Testament, the same Greek words also describe the pre-born child, infants and children which indicates a continuity from conception to childhood and on into adulthood. The … Read More

The Pornography Plague

March 19, 2014By Apologetics Resource CenterCulture

Author: Kerby Anderson – Pornography is tearing apart the very fabric of our society. Yet Christians are often ignorant of its impact and apathetic about the need to control this menace. Pornography is an $8 billion a year business with close ties to organized crime.(!) The wages of sin are enormous when pornography is involved. … Read More

The Christian Worldview

March 19, 2014By Steven CowanCulture

By Steven B. Cowan – Every person has a worldview, but not every person has the same worldview.  In fact, there are several worldviews from which a person might choose if he were shopping for one. 1  A person who has committed his life to following Jesus Christ, of course, is not shopping for a … Read More

Morality and Capitalism

March 19, 2014By Apologetics Resource CenterCulture

By Paul A. Cleveland – Critics of capitalism often argue that free enterprise promotes the worst kind of human behavior and, therefore, must be rejected if moral human action is to prevail. They argue that free enterprise promotes jealousy, envy, and greed. In their opinion, life on this planet would be better served if we … Read More

Social Justice: Neither Social nor Just

March 19, 2014By Apologetics Resource CenterCulture

Author: Paul A. Cleveland – What is the Social Justice Movement About? In his book, The Flight from Reality, Clarence Carson explores the fundamental issues and problems associated with the social reform movement that was spawned in the late nineteenth century and has continued to this day.1 While there are some today who see the concept of … Read More

Genetic Engineering: Benefits and Dangers

March 18, 2014By Apologetics Resource CenterCulture

By Mark W. Foreman In the 1997 film, Gattaca, we are introduced to a brave new world where genetic screening of newborns is routine and embryonic genetic manipulation is preferred over traditional conception. We are told the story of two boys in the Freeman family. The elder son, Vincent, is conceived naturally while his younger … Read More

To Clone or Not to Clone?

March 18, 2014By Apologetics Resource CenterCulture

by Donal P. O’Mathuna and Walter L. Larimore The world awakened on December 27, 2002 to the news that the first human clone had been born—or so the claim went, anyway.1 A cloning company called Clonaid, set up by a cult-group called the Raelians, claimed to have produced a baby named Eve who was cloned from … Read More

Capital Punishment

March 18, 2014By Apologetics Resource CenterGeneral Apologetics

By Kerby Anderson Should Christians support the death penalty? The answer to that question is controversial. Many Christians feel that the Bible has spoken to the issue, but others believe that the New Testament ethic of love replaces the Old Testament law. Old Testament Examples Throughout the Old Testament we find many cases in which … Read More

Christian Economics

March 17, 2014By Apologetics Resource CenterCulture

A Christian Understanding of Economics: Mutual Gains from Trade By Eric Schansberg It is common for Christians to be relatively uninterested in economics. Within politics, those who are socially and theologically conservative tend to focus on matters of personal righteousness (e.g., gambling), community standards (e.g., prayer in schools), and especially “social justice” (e.g., “life” issues … Read More

Does God Exist?

Does God Exist?

March 17, 2014By Craig BranchCommon Objections

Author: Craig Branch – Atheism: from the Greek a (without) and theos (deity or God). It is a word commonly understood as meaning a denial of the existence of gods. The most fundamental question of religion, of spiritual experience, and of philosophy is: Is there a God? And if there is a God, what difference … Read More