Acupuncture A History

November 5, 2021By ARCInfo Pack Articles

The above article is an in-depth history of the practice of acupuncture. Its beginnings in Chinese Medicine and its spread through Chinese culture. How it migrated to the West in the 1970’s, research as to its effectiveness and conclusion.

An Interview with Two Former Yogi’s – Tal Brooke and Michael Austin

October 7, 2021By ARCCult, Culture

  In this interview Michael Austin and Tal Brooke, former Yogi’s talk with Dr. William Campbell of Beyond Words Radio sharing how they found Christ after spending years following Guru’s from India. Michael Austin is a communications consultant and Christian commentator, who serves as national spokesperson for, among others, the Christian History Institute, publisher of … Read More

Is This Our Soon Coming Future?

September 30, 2021By ARCGeneral Apologetics

by Dr. Peter Jones Roman Catholic Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano describes the globalist “Great Reset,” devised by Davos billionaires and powerful politicians, as the work of Satan and “Luciferian Globalists.” Protestant American believers warn that “America is writhing in the grip of a full-scale Marxist political and cultural revolution.”12 Some conclude that the two movements … Read More

Living with Purpose

September 30, 2021By ARCGeneral Apologetics

by Dr. Paul Cleveland What if our life on earth could be like what life in heaven will be? What if every day was better than the day before? What if God’s original plan was to create an entire universe made to be a playground of exploration, discovery, invention, development, and dominion? What if life … Read More

The Re-imagined World of John Lennon

The Re-imagined World of John Lennon

September 30, 2021By ARCCulture

by Rev. Clete Hux – Efforts toward global unity have been arising since the Tower of Babel when humanity spoke a single common language and attempted to reach the heavens. With this in mind, a question needs to be asked: Does God care more about unity than diversity? It is obvious that He did not … Read More