The New Age Jesus

November 5, 2018By ARCCommon Objections

By Douglas Groothuis – Those enamored of New Age spirituality usually find in Jesus a kindred spirit. Rather than exiling Jesus to the legendary lore of religious imagination or debunking him as a messianic pretender, New Age writers see Jesus as an enlightened master who manifested a divine power – a power potentially available to … Read More


November 5, 2018By ARCCommon Objections

GLOSSARY OF TERMS Christology. The branch of systematic theology concerned with the person and work of Christ. Cynicism. Originally a counter-cultural movement in the Greco-Roman world which flouted accepted cultural norms and sought a life of freedom and simplicity. epistemology. The branch of philosophy concerned with the nature, justification, and scope of human knowledge. eschatology. … Read More

Theistic Evolution: A Reasonable Compromise?

November 5, 2018By ARCCommon Objections

by James S. Spiegel – Almost a century and a half since the publication of Darwin’s The Origin of the Species, the issue of biological origins continues to be deeply divisive in Western culture.  This is no less true in the Christian church, which displays a broad spectrum of positions touted by persons both scholarly … Read More

In Six (Literal) Days? Point and Counterpoint

November 5, 2018By ARCCommon Objections

by John MacArthur and Paul Copan – In Six Days?—Point – By John MacArthur Scripture clearly teaches that God created the universe out of nothing.  In fact, one of the unique features of the creation account in Genesis is the repeated stress on divine creation by fiat—meaning that a simple decree from God brought the created … Read More

What Must the Jehovah’s Witness Do To Be Saved?

October 24, 2018By ARCComparative Religions

By Keith Gibson – “What must I do to be saved?”  Surely, this is one of the most basic questions that must be answered by any religion.  Most Christians are aware that Jehovah’s Witnesses are laboring under a works-based system.  Most have heard of the Witnesses aversion to blood transfusions, celebrating of holidays and participating … Read More

T. D. Jakes’ Modalistic Heresy

October 24, 2018By ARCCommon Objections

By Clete Hux – In teaching seminars on cults over the years, I often role-play as an anti-trinitarian. It is a very effective means of instruction, especially when helping people better understand and defend Christian doctrine. Also, it lets the teacher know what people are thinking about a certain issue or topic. One thing I … Read More

Coping with Evil in Real Live

October 23, 2018By ARCCulture

By Howard Dial and Howard Eyrich – There are no non-sufferers in this world. Living in a fallen world and carrying about a death-cursed body is adequate qualification for being a sufferer. Of course there is much more involved in suffering in terms of degrees and kinds of pain and suffering, but all of us … Read More

A Biblical Perspective on Evil

October 23, 2018By ARCCulture

By Jason Thompson – Like it or not, bad things happen. Life is hard. Pain and suffering are a reality. Catastrophes take place. Hurricanes, earthquakes, and tsunamis take lives. Terrorists crash plains into buildings. Cancer kills millions. Accidents cause physical and mental anguish. Heinous crimes such as robbery, murder, rape, and abuse are impossible to … Read More

What Is the Question? A Look at the “Problems” of Evil

October 22, 2018By ARCCulture

By James K. Beilby – More ink has been spilled on the topic of the relationship between Gods existence and evil – the so-called “problem of evil” – than on practically any other apologetic topic. From 1960-1990 there were more than 4,200 publications in the English language alone, more than one publication every two-and-a-half days!1 … Read More

Which Bible Should I Read?

October 16, 2018By ARCCommon Objections

by Craig Branch and Jason Dollar – How do you know which translation to use in your reading and study of God’s Word? Go to a Christian bookstore and note how many different versions are displayed. Quite a few, right? One may reasonably ask how our Bibles can be inspired and inerrant when we have … Read More