Catholicism’s Mary

Catholicism’s Mary

October 11, 2022By ARCComparative Religions

By Rev. Clete Hux   Have you ever been in the position of trying to educate someone on what their particular religion believes and practices? As a teacher of comparative religions for over thirty years, I’ve been confronted with that situation many times. It happens often with Catholics, especially on the topic of Mary. Today, … Read More

Conversations with the Counterfeit

July 1, 2021By ARCComparative Religions, General Apologetics

By Craig Branch – There are many Christian leaders and secular writers who are describing the state of decline of our culture. The popular term used to describe this state is postmodernism. Briefly, postmodernism represents a growing rejection of rational empiricism, science, and Christian absolutes, or any objective truth. Relativism and one’s experience or feelings as the … Read More

Paying the Toll at Heaven’s Gate

June 30, 2021By ARCComparative Religions, General Apologetics

By Craig Branch – Thirty-nine people (twenty-one women and eighteen men) were recently discovered dead. All but two were ceremonially draped in purple shrouds, in what appeared to be a cult ritual suicide. Was it assisted suicide or was it murder? Their ages ranged from twenty-six to seventy-two. Some had been in the group for … Read More

Alabama Schools to Teach New Age Yoga?

Alabama Schools to Teach New Age Yoga?

April 16, 2021By ARCComparative Religions, Culture

By Rev. Clete Hux – I offer this in response to Dana Hall McCain’s 4/5/2021 AL.COM article, Alabama’s Fear of Yoga. 1 The first thing that got my attention was the overall subjective nature of her editorial in support of HB 246 that the Senate Judiciary Committee passed 4/7/2021 after the posting of McCain’s article. … Read More

Are Christians Promised Perfect Health?

Are Christians Promised Perfect Health?

February 23, 2021By ARCComparative Religions

By Craig Branch – Many times I have watched a steady parade of Word-Faith showmen on Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN) and cringed as I saw them manipulate both Scripture and the audience. Seldom is this manipulation more obvious than when they turn to the topic of health and healing. Many of the leaders of the … Read More

Did Jesus Christ Really Die Spiritually?

Did Jesus Christ Really Die Spiritually?

February 22, 2021By ARCComparative Religions

By Clete Hux – The Atonement and Word Faith Theology The obvious abuses of the Word-Faith movement concerning the “health” and “wealth” gospel are readily acknowledged by most evangelical Christians. However, the most serious errors of the movement involve the “faith” teachings on the atonement of Christ. Many Word-Faith teachers claim that redeemed man has … Read More

Attempts to Secularize Yoga in Alabama Schools

Attempts to Secularize Yoga in Alabama Schools

December 2, 2020By ARCComparative Religions, Culture

By Rev. Clete Hux – Yoga: Physical exercise or religious spirituality? Legal or illegal? Those are some questions that the State Senate Committee needs to consider with regards to practicing or not practicing yoga in Alabama schools K-12. The Alabama Administrative Code (AAC), Rule 290-040-040-.2 that bans the practice of yoga and meditation in its … Read More

Christian Liberties: A Road to Paganism?

May 29, 2020By adminComparative Religions

By Rev. Clete Hux – The area of doctrine concerning Christian liberty is known as adiaphora, meaning “things indifferent”– things in personal choices that should not affect an individual’s salvation one way or the other if a person chooses to exercise those choices. These should be things the Bible neither condemns nor approves because they … Read More

Evaluating the Book of Mormon

April 10, 2020By Keith GibsonComparative Religions, General Apologetics

By Keith Gibson – The Claim The Book of Mormon professes to be the record of the original inhabitants of the Americas who are descended from the Jews in Israel. These Jews migrated from Jerusalem in approximately 600 B.C., shortly before its destruction. After arriving in the Americas, this small group of individuals became divided … Read More

Worshipping the Earth

March 31, 2020By adminComparative Religions

– By Clete Hux “For they exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever.  Amen.”  (Rom. 1:22-23; 25) It should come as no surprise to the spiritually minded that America has become increasingly pagan over the last few decades.  Political correctness, … Read More

Is Yoga Religious ? Yes

June 24, 2019By ARCComparative Religions

– By Rev. Clete Hux – Last year the Governor of Alabama and its State School Board members received a communication from Rajan Zed, President of the Universal Society of Hinduism. Pointing out that most public universities of Alabama were already offering some form of yoga, Mr. Zed requested  the State of Alabama to end … Read More