Two More Arguments that Point to God’s Existence

August 31, 2023By ARCCulture, General Apologetics

by Steven B. Cowan – Many arguments for God’s existence appeal to objective features of the physical uni­verse as their starting points.  For example, the cosmological argument (the “where­ did-it-all-come-from” argument) begins with the existence of the universe and seeks an explanation for why something exists rather than nothing.   The argument concludes that the existence … Read More

The Universe Points to God

August 30, 2023By ARCCulture, General Apologetics

by Gregory E. Ganssle – Suppose someone has died and we think that a murder may have been committed.  The detective examines the scene and begins a long investigation.  She seeks to identify the responsible person by gathering facts at the scene and determining in which direction these facts point.  Some of the evidence will … Read More

Near-Death Experiences and Life After Death

August 30, 2023By ARCCulture, General Apologetics

by Steven B. Cowan – As far back as human history has been recorded, people have expressed a hope in life after death. Every religion has some concept of human survival beyond the demise of the physical body. Christians, of course, have a confident faith in an afterlife due to our belief in the resurrection … Read More

What is Yoga?

August 29, 2023By ARCComparative Religions, Culture, General Apologetics

by Clete Hux – Millions of Americans practice it every day. Some say it is just physical exercise. Others say it is a spiritual discipline. Some say it is a New Age “Trojan horse” from the East. And others say they practice “Western” yoga without accepting the Eastern mysticism attached to it. While many Americans … Read More

Veritas: Stretching the Truth?

August 24, 2023By ARCCulture, General Apologetics, Info Pack Articles

By Craig Branch – (The introduction article to The Aeropaus Journal Stretching the Truth Volume 4 Number 4,  July-August 2004) This issue of Areopagus Journal is devoted to providing an understanding of yoga and the current yoga phenomena in our country. The most common questions on a popular level are, “Can a Christian practice yoga?”; … Read More

The Chosen Series

The Chosen Series

November 2, 2022By ARCCulture

by Rev. Clete Hux A few months ago I got a call from a friend wanting to know my opinion of The Chosen, a television series that has become very popular. I had not really watched much of it, just a few snippets here and there. So, I decided to do some research and discovered … Read More

Towards An Understanding of New Age in Sports

May 10, 2022By ARCCulture, General Apologetics

by Clete Hux – What do Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Andre Agassi and Wayne Gretzky have in common? It’s well known that they are popular professional athletes widely recognized as champions in their chosen sport. Most know that they are also successful businessmen. What’s less known is that they have all been exposed to New … Read More

Near-Death Experience: Angel of Light?

April 28, 2022By ARCCulture, General Apologetics

By Clete Hux – For many years, people have been curious about the phenomenon known a near-death experience. With the popularity of Dr. Raymond Moody’s book, Life After Death, curiosity has increased. There is also Betty Edie’s book, Embraced by the Light, which has been endorsed by Moody as the most profound and complete near … Read More

Disney Gone Awry?

Disney Gone Awry?

April 7, 2022By ARCCulture, General Apologetics

By Rev. Clete Hux – “M. I. C. K. E. Y, M. O. U. S. E! Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck! Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck! …” Many of us remember this sing-along song that opened the Mickey Mouse Club program when as children we were enjoying the biggest name in entertainment. That, of course, was the … Read More

How America Became Pagan

How America Became Pagan

February 22, 2022By ARCCulture

A two part Sunday School series  taught by Rev. Clete Hux  at First Presbyterian Church Jasper, AL.  This is a Facebook link so you might have to login to view. This is part one.