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It is unfortunate that sometimes our understanding of this crucial doctrine can be so shallow. For many it doesn’t go beyond the one and the three. However, what is the one and what is the three? Is the one three or the three one? After all, isn’t it a mathematical absurdity? Does the Bible really teach the Trinity? If it does, then why is the word “trinity” not found in the Bible? Learn more about this historical doctrine and how to answer non-Trinitarians here:

Laying Hands

The Triune God

By Kenneth Richard Samples Christian theism affirms the existence of an infinite, eternal, unchanging, and Tri-personal spiritual God. This being is the transcendent Creator and immanent Sustainer of the world and is therefore the sovereign Ruler over all things. Historic Christianity therefore affirms a special Trinitarian form of monotheism (Tri-unity: three persons are the one […]

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