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What is the Word-Faith Movement? Aren’t Christians supposed to have faith in the word? What is Positive Confession? Is that what is known as the ‘health and wealth’ gospel or ‘name it and claim it’? Did someone say, “Blab it and Grab it”? The Christian media are literally saturated with this message. In order to understand why so much emphasis is placed on being healthy, wealthy, and wise, we need to understand how the Word-Faith Movement distorts the essentials of God, Man, Christ, and the Atonement. Find more here:

Are Christians “Little gods”?

By Clete Hux – Many Christians are appalled by the ‘health and wealth’ gospels known as ‘Word-Faith’ or ‘Positive Confession’. These teach that if one has enough faith, then, by their positively confessing health and wealth, it can be theirs. Of course, this puts all the burden of proof upon the shoulders of the individual […]

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