Christianity and Politics
Should Christians care about political matters? Is politics simply an arena of personal opinion or are there moral principles that should not be ignored? What is the purpose of government in a fallen world?

Christian View of Economics
Is one school of economic thought better than another? Is it important for Christians to understand sound economic principles? What is government’s role in the economy?

Does the Bible say anything about the unborn? Does God consider the pre-born as persons? At what point does God consider us to be people? Do the unborn have value or rights? Don’t women have a right to privacy? What about back-alley abortions? The Bible doesn’t really say that abortion is a sin does it?

Homosexuality and Same-Sex Marriage
Aren’t gays born that way? Jesus didn’t say anything about homosexuality, did he? Aren’t the laws of Leviticus unevenly applied? Why shouldn’t two people be able to be in love? Is gay marriage a societal neutral thing?

Pornography Invasion
Is looking at some pictures of naked people a sin? I need to watch others having sex to be able to get excited for sex. That can’t be a sin, can it? Am I the only person with this problem? How do I stop watching pornography? Is self-gratification wrong?

Social Justice and the Church
What were the underlying assumptions of the social justice movement? Should Christians embrace the concept? Should we lobby government for more redistribution of private property to help the poor?

Environmental Stewardship or Global Warming
Is the effort to control carbon dioxide emissions a matter of stewardship or a political power grab? How should Christians view the environmental movement? How can Christians best steward the resources entrusted to their care?

War, Capital Punishment, and Christianity
War, what is it good for? Is there a time when we should go to war? When? What does God’s Word have to say about war?
Isn’t capital punishment murder? How can killing someone make up for the death of another person? What about the innocent on death row? Is capital punishment a deterrent to murder? does the Bible allow for capital murder?

Amusing Ourselves to Death – Social Networking, technology, and entertainment
Social Networking, technology, and entertainment: Has modern technology had a negative effect on communication and critical thinking skills?. . .One may have hundreds of Facebook “friends”, but what kind of friends are they? And what kind of “community” is Facebook and related social media outlets? What are the beneficial elements of social media, and what are the dangers? Find answers here:

Worldview Matters in Education
Does one’s view of the world alter his pursuit of scientific inquiry? Is America’s educational system established on a firm foundation or has it been undermined by naturalism? Are Christians generally blind to the difference it makes?

Justice, Mercy and Economics
What is economic justice? What is economic mercy? Does it matter how we understand these concepts?

Capitalism and Socialism
Is the affirmation of capitalism consistent with Christian thought or does it merely promote greed in the world? Should Christians support the spread of socialism in this world?

Energy Crises: Yesterday and Today
What were the causes of the energy crisis of the 1970’s? Are we running out of natural resources because of industrial production? Do the causes of the former energy crisis have anything to do with the current rise in energy prices?