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What were the underlying assumptions of the social justice movement? Should Christians embrace the concept? Should we lobby government for more redistribution of private property to help the poor? Find out more…

Religious Freedom and Discrimination: Why the Debate Continues

By Albert Mohler – This is a first for me—writing a book review while flying over the northern reaches of the Atlantic Ocean. I’m returning to the United States after responsibilities in the United Kingdom, speaking mostly to pastors and other Christian leaders. Everywhere I went, from central London to rural Kent, the same urgent […]

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The New Religious Cultural War

By A. Eric Johnston – One of the biggest things in Alabama news today is the suspension of Chief Justice Roy Moore from his position on the Alabama Supreme Court as result of a complaint by the Alabama Judicial Inquiry Commission (“JIC”). It is based on charges by those who disagree with Moore’s position on […]

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Liberation Theology the “Wright” Way

By Clete Hux – With the presidential candidacy of Barack Obama, Liberation Theology has come to the forefront of public attention. This attention is mainly due to Obama’s outspoken pastor, Jeremiah Wright, of the Trinity United Church of Christ (UCOC) in Chicago, Illinois. The controversy caused by Wright raises questions that many people would like […]

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Veritas: What is Social Justice?

By Craig Branch – The short version of the mission statement for the Apologetics Resource Center is “to equip the Church to understand, live, defend, and advance the Christian gospel and worldview.” The full version is “to reach the minds and hearts of people with the message and truth claims of the gospel of Jesus […]

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Social Justice: Neither Social nor Just

Author: Paul A. Cleveland – What is the Social Justice Movement About? In his book, The Flight from Reality, Clarence Carson explores the fundamental issues and problems associated with the social reform movement that was spawned in the late nineteenth century and has continued to this day.1 While there are some today who see the concept of […]

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