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Sports and the LGBTQA Movement

By Clete Hux The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat! This was a well-known quip from an ABC television commercial in the 1970s. It was a time regarded by many to be very unlike today. At that time another adage was heard from fans but especially from coaches. It was this: It’s not […]

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The New Religious Cultural War

By A. Eric Johnston One of the biggest things in Alabama news today is the suspension of Chief Justice Roy Moore from his position on the Alabama Supreme Court as result of a complaint by the Alabama Judicial Inquiry Commission (“JIC”). It is based on charges by those who disagree with Moore’s position on same […]

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The End of Christian America?

( by Craig Branch) Our Worldviews publication is designed to be a “seminar in your mailbox” in making you aware of current apologetics issues inside and outside the Church. Our goal is to help motivate and equip you to become engaged in the redemptive process God has called all of us to, both individually and […]

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Pro-Homosexuality or Anti-Christian?

Pro-Homosexuality or Anti-Christian? With the dramatic postmodern turn in our culture, standards and even laws are all up for review. But the competition for whose morality will be legislated is resulting in hostility and repression of Christianity. We see this growing trend in the popularity of the militant atheists and their rash of best-selling books […]

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Today’s Hot Topics

(Below are links to the listed articles) Articles on Planned Parenthood: Congress will investigate Planned Parenthood for selling body parts of aborted babies Obama Vows to Veto Bill to Hold Planned Parenthood Liable Articles on Same-Sex Marriage:  Southern Baptist: Supreme Court is Not Final Authority on Gay Marriage   The Southern Baptist Convention Passes Resolution […]

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Climate Change Controversy

(by Craig Branch) Everywhere you turn – television stories, news stories, magazine articles, regulations, restrictions, hybrid cars, Al Gore – we are confronted with warnings of human induced global warming and catastrophic climate change. An important dimension of apologetics is to defend and advance a Biblical worldview in shaping culture. Christianity and Christians are called […]

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Conference Topics Available Concerning Culture

Christianity and Politics Should Christians care about political matters? Is politics simply an arena of personal opinion or are there moral principles that should not be ignored? What is the purpose of government in a fallen world? Christian View of Economics Is one school of economic thought better than another? Is it important for Christians […]

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Upside Down Cosmology

“The Unnatural Worldview of Homosexuality” By Clete Hux Introduction: It has been said that, “In the beginning God created man in His image and ever since man has attempted to return the favor!” Although this saying is used often in the sense of man making himself out to be God, it also speaks of man’s […]

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Liberation Theology the “Wright” Way

By Clete Hux With the presidential candidacy of Barack Obama, Liberation Theology has come to the forefront of public attention. This attention is mainly due to Obama’s outspoken pastor, Jeremiah Wright, of the Trinity United Church of Christ (UCOC) in Chicago, Illinois. The controversy caused by Wright raises questions that many people would like answered […]

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Checkers on a Chess Board

By Brandon Robbins Discussing the debate on the New Perspective of Paul (NPP). Every year my family gets together from across the country for the thanksgiving holidays. Many of my nieces and nephews gather in my father’s library to play a game on my father’s rather large chess table. If you are not a part […]

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