Issues with Answers, VI – Fall 2016

Begins Wednesday, September 7th at Briarwood Presbyterian Church 6:30 – 8:00 pm in Room G-101. Taught by staff adjuncts of the Apologetics Resource Center.

Week 1 will be taught by Eric Johnston, PCA Ruling Elder and Attorney at Law for the Southeast Law Institute. Eric is an expert in Constitutional law and he will address the issues that threaten Religious Freedom and the First Amendment.

Week 2-3 will be taught by Dr. Paul Cleveland, Professor of Economics at Birmingham Southern College. He will help us to understand our civil responsibilities and how we’re to respond to growing economic issues of an increasing Socialism.

Week 4-5 will be taught by Dr. Joe Godfrey, Director of ALCAP (Alabama Citizens Action Program). He will address the pressure to conform to the Same-Sex issue in the corporate world and Gambling in the state of Alabama.

Week 6 will be taught by Clete Hux, ARC Director. He will unravel the pragmatism that keeps us from distinguishing a Biblical worldview from a Pagan one that has penetrated our culture.

Week 7-8 will be taught by Tommy Littleton, Evangelist and ARC adjunct. He will update us on the characteristics of the Global LGBT Movement and its effects on our children.

Week 9 will be taught by Craig Branch of Search Ministries. He will address the issues of Genetics and Civil Rights as it relates to the LGBT.

Week 10 will be a personal testimony from Desmond Frick, Christian Counselor and former homosexual. Desmond is a seminary student at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, PA. Also, we will devote this last session to Q&A in an effort to answer as many questions about the drastic cultural changes taking place in our society.


7                              Eric Johnston                   The New Threat to Religious Freedom

14                           Paul Cleveland                  Helping the Poor

21                           Paul Cleveland                  The Environmental Grab for Power

28                           Joe Godfrey                       Biblical Responses to Bad theology & the Corporate Pressure to Conform


5                              Joe Godfrey                      Gambling: It’s All “Smoke and Mirrors”

12                           Clete Hux                           Marriage of Pragmatism and Paganism in an Upside Down World

19                           Tommy Littleton               Guiding Principles of the Global LGBT Movement

26                           Tommy Littleton               Our Children’s Future in a Gender-less World


2                              Craig Branch                     Born that Way, Bigotry, Corrective?

9                              Desmond Frick                  Testimony and wrap up Q & A with series presenters