Popular Weigh Down Workshop founder, Gwen Shamblin has moved rapidly down the road toward cultism. Mrs. Shamblin has now publicly indicated that she denies the trinity and calls all other churches “false,” “worthless” and “an abomination,” especially those whose emphasis is a grace message.

Gwen’s Weigh Down message, which always contained somewhat legalistic Lordship emphasis has manifested now in a new “church” called The Remnant.

Gwen’s background is Church of Christ, which reflects this legalistic false gospel view as well as a restorationalist mentality. The historic Church of Christ also has a spotty and weak view of the Trinity – being fiercely anticreedal, but Shamblin’s published arguments against the Trinity are actually the same as used by the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Typical of a cult’s fatal view of the Gospel, Gwen teaches that Christ paid for past sins, basically only refinancing your debt, and gives you a new opportunity to come to Christ’s Lordship, which could eventuate in salvation, based on your obedience.

Gwen’s is a multi-million dollar corporation with 30,000 workshop locations, most of which are in evangelical churches. Her first book sold over 1 million copies.

As a result of this emerging cultism, Thomas Nelson publishers have cancelled the release of her second book, and a growing number of churches have begun to cut the program including Moody Memorial Church, Coral Ridge Presbyterian, Briarwood Presbyterian, and College Park Baptist.

Gwen has fired over 36 employees who would not join her new church. For a revealing information packet, contact our office and request it.

May I also commend to you, Making Sense of the Trinity by Millard Erickson.