This pamphlet is a collaboration to help the Church as well as Muslims understand the Jesus of the Bible and answer the question, “Is the Jesus of the Bible the same Jesus in the Qur’an?”

The pamphlet is published by:
Declaring His Truth Ministry
P.O. Box 871174
Stone Mountain Ga. 30087
Email: declaringhistruth@gmail.com

The Pamphlet is only seven pages long, well written, concise, and conveniently fits nicely in a pocket. Contributions to cover the printing and postage would be appreciated. Please order in packs of 25. Please email or write to purchase.

Here is the history of how the pamphlet came to be:

In 2010, I attended a conference that was held in Atlanta, Georgia. The purpose of the conference was to understand how to witness to Muslims. During the conference, the one thing I kept thinking about over and over was “Is Jesus of the Bible in the Qur’an?” Confused by this thought, I left knowing I had to find the truth. After months of researching and speaking with Christian as well as former Muslims, I discovered that Jesus of the Bible is not the same as Isa/Jesus of the Qur’an. With this newfound understanding, God burdened my heart for the Church. How would the Church know if someone doesn’t inform them?

And so my journey began.

For several months a friend of mine and I met with a Christian who originally was from the Middle East. In each meeting, I questioned him and took notes in my journal on the differences between Jesus in the Bible and Isa/Jesus in the Qur’an. Over the years, God continued to bring others who are experts in these fields from all over the world to help construct depth and accuracy into this pamphlet. Little did I know that this journey would last over 4 years. Ultimately, these notes came together to form the pamphlet that you now see.

It is our prayer that this pamphlet helps Churches understand the truth of God’s Word. It is crucial that we as Christians stand firm in the foundation of Jesus Christ while sharing in love the Gospel to a lost and dying world.

May this pamphlet also be used to enlighten Muslim seekers as well as those who have come to faith in order that they may gain clarity about the differences between Jesus in the Bible and Isa/Jesus in the Qur’an.