by Dr. Paul Cleveland

What if our life on earth could be like what life in heaven will be?

What if every day was better than the day before? What if God’s original plan was to create an entire universe made to be a playground of exploration, discovery, invention, development, and dominion? What if life was meant to be a process of eternal growth and development? What if in the process of living our daily lives we regularly encountered some new facet or dimension of the glory of God? What if such insight brought new joy, fascination, and amazement that could be personally enjoyed and shared with others? And, most importantly, what if it consistently led to a deeper relationship with God? Wouldn’t that make for an everlastingly exciting life of living with purpose?

I want to explore this vision and compare it to what the Scriptures teach, not only about what God’s plans are for us in the future, but for what he would like us to be doing in the here and now. When we begin to study the Scriptures thoroughly, we will find that all aspects of our lives have a spiritual dimension. That includes our work, our play, and all of our relationships

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