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True atheism would say that if one were to make a list of all things which exist, God would not be on the list. Also, one should only believe in that which has a physical existence…after all, seeing is believing. No one can see God, so he doesn’t exist. However, to make such claims(which are somewhat self-defeating), atheists would have to have the same amount of intelligence as God(infinite/perfect) to know for certain that no such being as God exists.

Even if the agnostic says that God is unknowable, where does the agnostic get the knowledge that God is unknowable?

New Atheism

By Brandon Robbins – There is a New Atheism in the world today. This Atheism is not just a belief, or for that matter a non-belief, about the existence of a deity. This Atheism has an agenda, a web site:, a political action committee: Secular Coalition for America, and 5 books that have spent […]

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Can We Know Christianity Is True? Part Two

by Steven B. Cowan – In the last issue of the newsletter, I showed that Scripture supports the notion that Christian truth-claims can be known and are not simply matters of subjective opinion. Part 2 continues with a discussion of the nature of knowledge and its connection to the human desire for certainty. Knowledge and […]

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“God’s Not Dead” Movie Review – Truth or Consequences, Part 1

Review by Jim Edwards – If I had to pick one movie today that every Christian teenager should see, this is it. This movie reveals the truth of God’s existence using non-biblical scientifically derived information and some of the consequences of believing otherwise in the here and now. This movie also provides excellent examples of […]

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Can We Know Christianity Is True? Part One

By Steven B. Cowan – (Part One) Many Christians today have adopted the secularistic view that religious and moral matters are simply matters of faith or opinion. But I would like to argue instead that Christians ought to stand firm in the conviction that God’s existence and other Christian beliefs are things that can be […]

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Does God Exist?

Author: Craig Branch – Atheism: from the Greek a (without) and theos (deity or God). It is a word commonly understood as meaning a denial of the existence of gods. The most fundamental question of religion, of spiritual experience, and of philosophy is: Is there a God? And if there is a God, what difference […]

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