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How do you know that Bible is God’s Word? How can someone in the 21st century say that it is without error? Besides, how do you know it has the right books? Weren’t there other books just as scriptural, but rejected? What about all the contradictions found in the bible and all the legends and myths about Jesus? Do you really believe such a person rose from the dead? Get real!

The attacks on the authority of the Christian Bible are indeed numerous. Answers to the above rhetorical questions and more can be found here.

Are There Scientific Errors in the Bible?

By Robert B. Stewart – One often hears that the Bible is filled with scientific errors.  Just what are we to make of such a claim?  What does it mean to say that there is a “scientific error” in the Bible?  While one could go mad seeking to define a scientific error (after all, philosophers […]

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Are There Contradictions in the Bible?

By Jason Dollar and Steven B. Cowan – Many skeptics and unbelievers say the Bible cannot be trusted because it contains errors and contradictions.  We have never personally seen one, but antagonists continue to maintain that they are there.  One online skeptic writes, “When the Bible is examined with dispassion and with objectivity, it soon […]

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Good Hermeneutics: Rightly Dividing the Word of God

By Steve W. Lemke – The Apostle Paul instructed Timothy, his son in the ministry, that a mature Christian believer should “be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman that does not need to be ashamed, handling accurately the word of “truth” (2 Tim. 2:15, NASB). Handling God’s Word accurately, or “rightly dividing […]

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“God’s Not Dead” Movie Review – Truth or Consequences, Part 1

Review by Jim Edwards – If I had to pick one movie today that every Christian teenager should see, this is it. This movie reveals the truth of God’s existence using non-biblical scientifically derived information and some of the consequences of believing otherwise in the here and now. This movie also provides excellent examples of […]

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Book of Faith

Attacks on Authority of Bible

Author Craig Branch – This Article is taken from the Veritas (Introduction)  of the Areopagus Journal The Breath of God Volume 2 Number 1 Historical Attacks On the Canon There are two primary aspects of apologetics often referred to as negative and positive apologetics. The latter has to do with presenting positive arguments for the Christian […]

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