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Are There Scientific Errors in the Bible?

By Robert B. Stewart   One often hears that the Bible is filled with scientific errors.  Just what are we to make of such a claim?  What does it mean to say that there is a “scientific error” in the Bible?  While one could go mad seeking to define a scientific error (after all, philosophers […]

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Are There Contradictions in the Bible?

Are There Contradictions in the Bible? By Jason Dollar and Steven B. Cowan   Many skeptics and unbelievers say the Bible cannot be trusted because it contains errors and contradictions.  We have never personally seen one, but antagonists continue to maintain that they are there.  One online skeptic writes, “When the Bible is examined with […]

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A Little Knowledge, A Dangerous Thing?

  By Clete Hux   Why are there so many different religions? Actually, the answer can be quite simple: because religions are different! Although there are similarities in many, the differences in religions often are the reasons why people choose one religion over another. We live in a day and age of many instead of […]

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Evolution in Crisis

(by Ray Bohlin) Darwinian evolution has been described by Daniel Dennett as a universal acid that eats through everything it touches. What he meant was that evolution as an idea, what he called “Darwin’s dangerous idea,” is an all-encompassing worldview. Darwinism forms the basis of the way many people think and act. It touches everything. […]

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New Atheism

(by Brandon Robbins) There is a New Atheism in the world today. This Atheism is not just a belief, or for that matter a non-belief, about the existence of a deity. This Atheism has an agenda, a web site:, a political action committee: Secular Coalition for America, and 5 books that have spent many […]

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Good Hermeneutics

Good Hermeneutics Rightly Dividing the Word of God By Steve W. Lemke The Apostle Paul instructed Timothy, his son in the ministry, that a mature Christian believer should “be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman that does not need to be ashamed, handling accurately the word of “truth” (2 Tim. 2:15, NASB). Handling […]

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Can We Know Christianity Is True? Part Three

(by Steven B. Cowan) Part 3 We concluded in the previous installment of this essay that knowledge does not require having absolute certainty. We can know things, even very important and controversial things, even if we can’t have the kind of certainty about it that rules out all possibility of doubt. But, the question naturally […]

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Can We Know Christianity Is True? Part Two

(by Steven B. Cowan) In the last issue of the newsletter, I showed that Scripture supports the notion that Christian truth-claims can be known and are not simply matters of subjective opinion. Part 2 continues with a discussion of the nature of knowledge and its connection to the human desire for certainty. Knowledge and Certainty […]

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Conference Topics for Common Objections

Evangelism and Apologetics Evangelism and Apologetics are the two sides of the same Christian gospel. They are both different and complimentary. While evangelism defines what the gospel is, apologetics explains why the gospel is necessary. In order for Christians to effectively reach the minds and hearts of people with the truth claims of the gospel […]

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“God’s Not Dead” – Is That Your Final Answer? – Part 2

Review by Jim Edwards [If you missed the part 1 review, it can be read here.] In Part 1, Josh has been challenged by his rabidly atheistic philosophy professor to prove God is not dead because he refused to sign a statement that God is dead (actually never existed) as everyone else in the Philosophy […]

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