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Apologetics Resource Center

The Apologetics Resource Center is about the process of understanding the times and the alien philosophies opposed to God’s truth, as well as understanding and effecting the antidote of both knowing God’s truth and being the truth in our home, neighborhood, and culture. Now is the time for the Church to be served a wake up call, to be motivated, equipped and deployed into our world as radical change agents, redemptively as salt and light.

The Article on Which We Stand: A Defense of Sola Fides

By William Webster Few doctrines have generated as much controversy as the doctrine of justification. It was the major conflict between Paul and the Judaizers and precipitated the great controversy between the Reformers and the Roman Catholic Church in the 16th century. The doctrine of justification has been an ongoing source of division between Rome and […]

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Oneness Pentecostalism

Tal Davis, Associate North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention OFFICIAL NAMES and MEMBERSHIP (estimates):Apostolic Overcoming Holy Church of God (AOHCG)-13,000;Assemblies of the Lord Jesus, Inc. (ALJI)-50,000; Bible Way Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ World Wide, Inc. (Bible Way)-250,000; Church of Our Lord Jesus of the Apostolic Faith (COIJF)-30,000; Pentecostal Assemblies of […]

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Engaging the New Age

In 1969 I was still taking the scenic route through college at an urban university in Richmond, Virginia. The university was known for its radical hippie population.  The Fifth Dimension had just released its award-winning gold record, “Age of Aquarius.”  Its popularity was due to more than the upbeat melodic voices. The chorus, “This is […]

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Nation of Islam “Five Percent”

Five Percent is a splinter group of the Nation of Islam, “Five Percent” is also known as the “Nation of  Gods and Earths.” That phrase refers to one  of the basic tenets of the Five Percent movement: blacks are gods and women are earths. The Five Percenters are a splinter group that broke away from […]

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Witnessing to the Nation of Islam

By Jerry L. Buckner Effective Evangelism/Witnessing Tips From the Christian Research Journal, issue 20-03, Americas New Love Affair with Gambling. Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan called for the Million Man March to take place in Washington, D.C., on October 16, 1995, and black men across America responded. The response was so enthusiastic that not […]

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What Is a Cult?

By Clete Hux What do you think of when you hear the word “cult”? For many of us, that word conjures up images of Jim Jones and Jonestown, Guiana, where some 900 people in Jones’ People’s Temple followed his instructions and committed suicide by drinking kool-aid laced with cyanide. Or we may think of David […]

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Three Truths and a Consequence: Justification by Faith Alone

By Joel R. Beeke As a doctrine, justification by faith alone is much more than the centerpiece of the Protestant Reformation, or a cardinal truth of the Reformed faith. It certainly is those things, but even more importantly, justification by faith alone offers the only way for fallen human beings to find the way back […]

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Judaism: It’s History and Beliefs

By Patrick Zukeran The religion of Judaism laid the foundation for the two largest religions in the world today: Christianity and Islam. The Jewish moral law, in particular the Ten Commandments, has been the basis for moral and legal codes for civilizations throughout history. This article will present a brief overview of the historical development, […]

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Who Are the Jehovah’s Witnesses?

By Clete Hux and Craig Branch They knock on our doors.  They distribute lots of literature.  They seek to convert us to devotion to their organization.  Many people in our culture ridicule them and some fear them, but few understand them.  Who are these people, the Jehovah’s Witnesses?  In this article, we will seek to […]

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