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The Apologetics Resource Center is about the process of understanding the times and the alien philosophies opposed to God’s truth, as well as understanding and effecting the antidote of both knowing God’s truth and being the truth in our home, neighborhood, and culture. Now is the time for the Church to be served a wake up call, to be motivated, equipped and deployed into our world as radical change agents, redemptively as salt and light.

The (True/False) Origin of (True/False) Religion

By Winfried Corduan – You may; you may not. You may; you may not. Okay, you may—but only on my terms!” How did religion begin? The above litany seems to characterize a contemporary approach to this question. Tomoko Masuzawa begins her acclaimed study, In Search of Dreamtime, with the declaration: “It has been some time […]

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A Christian Apologetics Manifesto Sixteen Theses

By Douglas Groothuis – This is a manifesto to ignite the holy fire of apologetic passion and action.  It is not a sustained argument or a development of themes. (I have written and lectured about these matters elsewhere). It is, rather, a short series of interrelated propositions crying out for both immediate and protracted action.  […]

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But Is It Science? A Response to Methodological Naturalism

By Steven B. Cowan – A few years ago, the Fox News program The O’Reilly Factor ran the following exchange between journalist Bill O’Reilly and then President of the Southern Baptist Convention, Paige Patterson, concerning the issue of Christian exclusivity:1 O’REILLY: I’d be offended if somebody came up to me and said, “O’Reilly. . .if […]

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God’s Handiwork: How Scientific Evidence Points to God’s Existence

by Jay W. Richards For over fifty years, the British philosopher Antony Flew has been the English-speaking world’s most intellectually serious public atheist. He first engaged Christian apologist C.S. Lewis at Oxford in 1950, and has pursued scholarly defenses of atheism until recently. He has always argued that there just wasn’t enough evidence to believe […]

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Glossary of Terms

GLOSSARY OF TERMS Creationism. A movement among Christian scientists that seeks to discover scientific evidence for the biblical account to creation. Intelligent Design Theory. The theory in contemporary science that certain phenomena in cosmology, astronomy, and biology are best explained as the work of an intelligent being, perhaps God. Metaphysical Naturalism. (Also called simply naturalism.) […]

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The War that Wasn’t: Why Christianity Is a Science-Starter

By Nancy Pearcey To everyone’s surprise, the 2004 presidential election became in part a referendum on science and religion. At the Democratic National Convention, Ron Reagan, son of the former president, labeled opposition to embryonic stem cell research an article of faith and stated that it did not belong in the realm of public policy, […]

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Peter’s Jesus: A Summary of the Orthodox Doctrine of Christ

By Vic Minish – Jesus has always been an interesting figure. People representing just about every conceivable position under the sun quote him and want to have a “Jesus” who endorses their own viewpoint. Recently, it seems that everyone who has an opinion on the matter is publishing his or her version of Jesus. For […]

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The Skeptics’ Jesus

By Scot McKnight – One doesn’t need a sophisticated philosophical system to form a skeptical stance vis-à-vis Jesus. The question has often been asked, but rarely so well as by Natalie Angier: “How can a bench-hazed Ph.D., who might of an afternoon deftly puree a colleague’s PowerPoint presentation on the nematode genome into so much […]

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The New Age Jesus

By Douglas Groothuis Those enamored of New Age spirituality usually find in Jesus a kindred spirit. Rather than exiling Jesus to the legendary lore of religious imagination or debunking him as a messianic pretender, New Age writers see Jesus as an enlightened master who manifested a divine power – a power potentially available to all […]

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What Do Some Say? A Man, An Angel, An Idea, Or a Prophet?

By Clete Hux – Jesus asked his disciples, “Who do men say that I am? (Mark 8:27). There has never been a more import ant question in all of history. Though the Apostle Peter came up with the right answer when he said, “You are the Christ,” his fellow apostles made other suggestions: “Some say […]

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