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2017 Summer Bundle of the Areopagus Journal

$35.00 $18.00


Journals included:

Science VS Christianity—Volume 5 No. 1 (includes: The War That Wasn’t: Why Christianity is a Science-Starter; The Handiwork of God: How Scientific Evidence Points to the Existence of God; But is it Science?” A Response to Methodological Naturalism; A Christian Apologetic Manifesto)

Christian Economics— Volume 10 No. 4 (includes: Christian Anthropology and Economic Method; The Compelling Natural Law Case for the Free Market; A Christian Understanding of Economics: Mutual Gains from Trade; Life, Liberty, and Property)

Abandoning Nature—Volume 5 No. 5 (includes: How Did We Get Here, The Gay Gene; Why Same-Sec Marriage is a Bad Idea; Getting Out: Some Things You Should Know About The Journey Out of Homosexuality)

Engaging the New Age—Volume 6 No. 4 (includes: Roots of the New Age: Preparing the Ground for a Spiritual Revolution; Is Everything One? A Critique of New Age Pantheism; The Wicca Worldview)

Stretching the Truth? – Volume 4 No. 4 (includes: Stretching the Truth; What Is Yoga; It Isn’t Just Exercise: The Religious Nature of Yoga; Yoga in American Culture.)

Is Islam a Religion of Peace? – Volume 10 No. 1 (includes: Violence in Islam According to Muslim Tradition; The Verse of the Sword a Matter of Interpretation; Islam’s Contempt for Women; The Canaanite Conquest: A Paradigm for Christian Violence)

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