Abandoning Nature. The Areopagus Journal Volume 5, Number 5.



A scientific response to the claim that homosexuality is genetic, and a critique of same-sex marriage.


Veritas, Abandoning Nature by Craig Branch

How Did We Get Here? by Erwin Lutzer

The Gay Gene? by Jeffrey Satinover

Why Same-Sex Marriage is A Bad Idea by Steven B. Cowan

Getting Out: Some Things You Should Know About the Journey Out of Homosexuality by Rob. G.

Book Review
The Truth About Same Sex Marriage by Erwin Lutzer. Moody Publisher, 2004; 118 pages.

Escaping the Matrix by Greg Boyd and Al Larson. Grand Rapids: Baker Books, 2005; 222 pages.

Short Book Notes
Coming Out of Homosexuality: New Freedom for Men and Women by Bob Davies and Lori Rentzel. InterVarsity Press, 1993; 208 pages.

Homosexuality: Contemporary Claims Examined in Light of the Bible and Other Ancient Literature and Law by James B. De Young. Kregel Publications, 2000; 383 pages.

Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth by Jeffrey Satinover, M. D. Baker Books, 1996; 280 pages.

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