Calling Evil Good. The Areopagus Journal Volume 1, Number 4.



A Christian response to important ethical issues such as abortion, euthanasia and homosexuality.

Veritas: Calling Evil Good by Craig Branch

What Does the Bible Teach About Abortion? by John Ankerberg and John Weldon

Only One Question: Compelling Answers to the Abortion Rights Challenge by Greg Koukl

The Physician – Assisted Suicide: Is It Ever Justified? by Robert Orr

What the New Testament Does and Does Not Teach About Homosexuality by Terry L. Wilder

Abandoning Nature: An Argument Against Homosexuality by Steven B. Cowan

Book Reviews
Harry Potter and the Bible: The Menace Behind the Magick by Richard Abanes. Horizon Books, 2001; 275 pages

The Consequences of Ideas: Understanding the Concepts That Shaped Our World by R. C. Sproul. Crossway, 2000; 208 pages

Short Book Notes
When Cultists Ask: A Popular Handbook on Cultic Misinterpretations by Norman L. Geisler and Ron Rhodes. Baker, 1997; 365 pages.

Politically Correct Death: Answering Arguments for Abortion Rights by Francis J. Beckwith. Baker, 1993; 250 pages.

Ethics for A Brave New World by John S. Feinberg and Paul D. Feinberg. Crossway, 1993; 466 pages.

Know the Truth: A Handbook of Christian Belief by Bruce Milne. Rev. ed. InterVarsity, 1998; 347 pages.

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