*Complete Set of The Areopagus Journal*

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Topics covered by the Journals: Christian Worldview, Authority and Inerrancy of Scripture, Theory of Knowledge, Christian Exclusivity, Abortion, Euthanasia, Homosexuality, False Religions and Cults, Christian response to Islam and Jihad, Genetic Engineering, Controversial Reproductive Technologies, Incarnation of Jesus and Modern Objections, the Historical Jesus and His Resurrection, Word-Faith Theology, Prosperity Gospel, Christian view of Art, Open Theism, Roman Catholicism, New Age, Mormonism, Jesus as Seen by other Faiths, Science and Christianity, Darwinian Evolution, Biblical Look at Evil and Suffering, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Do We Have the Right Books?, Interpreting the Bible, Logic, Three Apologists Every Christian Should Know, Alternative Medicines & Therapies, War, Stewardship of the Earth, The New Perspective on Paul Theology, Troublesome Movements in the 21st Century Church, Does God Exist?, Scientology, Does the Bible Err?, History of Apologetics, Miracles, Postmodernism, the Occult, Hell, Mind-Body Problem, Christian Ethics, the Trinity and Work of Christ, Eastern Religions, Do we Have the Right Texts, Restoration Movement, Are Biblical Doctrines Stolen from Pagan Myths?, Is Islam a Religion of Peace? Biblical filter on social networking and technology, What is Social Justice, Christian Economics, Questions on the Divine Attributes, Eschatology, Archeology and the Bible, Life after Death, Lost Christianities? Who Wrote the Bible? Eastern Orthodoxy, Judaism.


62 Journals total – All original copies (62) except for 4 that have been photo copied.
These are:

Abandoning Nature

Politically Incorrect Faith 

Do We Have the Right Books?

The Cross and the Crescent

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