Creation and Evolution: Rethinking the Evidence from Science and the Bible



A fresh look at a topic that often pushes Christians to heated defensiveness or embarrassed silence.

Even non-Christian scientists are attacking the traditional evolutionary theory still taught in many schools as fact. In Creation and Evolution British physicist Dr. Alan Hayward draws evidence solely from these non-Christian researchers to discredit gradual evolution and Darwin’s mechanism of natural selection. Hayward also examines in detail young earth theories, flood geology, and geological testimony to an ancient earth. In the end he suggests a surprising interpretation of Genesis that argues for both a historical Adam and creation over eons of time.

Bowing neither to theistic evolution nor scientific creationism, Hayward writes from the perspective of a Christian physicist committed both to a high view of Scripture and to rigorous honesty with scientific data.

“Hayward employs real skill in exposing the closed-minded resistance of diehard evolutionists to any view of the earth’s origin that endangers the circular reasoning of dogmatic atheism.”

Dr. Gleason Archer, Professor Old Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

An invitation to rethink the scientific and biblical evidence for creation and evolution.

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