Do We Have the Right Books? The Areopagus Journal Volume 5, Number 6.



A defense of the accuracy of the biblical canon and the principles by which the extent of the canon was determined. Includes discussion of the so-called “lost books.”

Veritas: Do We Have the Right Books? by Craig Branch

The Old Testatment Cannon in Jesus’ Day by Paul D. Wegner

Why the “Lost Gospels” Lost Out by Ben Witherington

How Do We Know They Got It Right? The Epistemology of the Canon by Steven B. Cowan and Vic Minish

Place Your Bets! by Brandon Robbins

Book Reviews
The Canon of Scripture by F. F. Bruce. InterVarsity, 1988; 334 pages

Your Best Lie Now by Joel Osteen. Warner Faith, 2004; 320 pages

Short Book Notes
The Canon of the New Testament by Bruce M. Metzger. Clarendon, 1987; 326 pages

Grace in Galatia: A Commentary on Paul’s Letter to the Galatians. by Ben Witherington III. Eerdmans, 1998; 477 pages.

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