A Handbook for Christian Philosophy

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By L. Russ Bush III

This handbook acquaints readers with philosophy in an introductory and nontechnical way. These materials, first developed for use in classes as a supplement to other formal textbooks, are designed to gain the confidence of students who have no technical level of expertise in the field of philosophy. There is a very useful glossary at the end that will be of help to all readers, listing more than just simple definitions. Often the glossary explanations are like brief essays in themselves. Many significant issues arise in the field, but this book treats three in particular: theistic proofs, evil, and creation. A Handbook for Christian Philosophy offers several contributions that make it unique. First, there is a section on logic that relates the subject of logic to biblical exegesis. Second, the treatment of evil puts special emphasis on the biblical themes that provide practical and theoretical help for people who are experiencing evil and going through suffering. Third, the chapter on creation includes an up-to-date critique of naturalistic evolution and a review of the recurrent Christian principles on this topic. The author provides an excellent worldview evaluation, something that is desperately needed today by all Christians. The chapters include: What is philosophy?; How to study philosophy; Learning to think logically; Recognizing worldviews; Testing worldviews; The existence of God; Creation, the reasonable alternative; and a final chapter on God and evil.

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