Has Postmodernism Killed Truth? The Areopagus Journal Volume 8, Number 3.



This Areopagus Journal addresses the growing rejection of absolute truth which is the centerpiece of a major movement called postmoderism.

Veritas: Has Postmodernism Killed Truth? by Craig Branch

Truth and Postmodernism by J. P. Moreland

Postmodern Culture, Revisited by Gene Edward Veith

That’s Just Your Interpretation: Truth and the “Emergent” Christian by R. Scott Smith and Jana Harmon

Don’t Let Postmodernism Be A Conversation Stopper by Brandon Robbin

Book Reviews
Intelligent Design 101: Leading Experts Explain the Key Issues Ed. by H. Wayne House. Kregel Publications, 2008; 284 pages
Building Belief: Constructing Faith from the Ground Up by Chad V. Meister. Baker Books, 2006; 227 pages
The Shack by William P. Young. Windblown Media, 2007; 260 pages

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