Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise? The Areopagus Journal Volume 3, Number6.



We’ve all heard it. “If you have enough faith, name it, claim it, and it’s yours! After all, your heavenly Father has promised it. It’s right there in the Bible.” Such remarks are typical of many prosperity teachers of the Word-Faith movement who advocate a “divine right” of every Christian to have perfect health and wealth. In principle, this outlook certainly is catering to those whose “American dream” is to be healthy, wealthy, and wise. However, does the Bible really teach this or are verses torn from their historical content to fit a mentality of greed? Also, have you ever wondered about all those people who supposedly are healed at those crusades? The articles in this issue of Areopagus Journal by Hux, Gibson, and Branch will shed light on this ever popular subject.

Veritas: Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise? by Craig Branch
You Say, “I Am Rich. . .”: A Response to the Word-Faith Wealth Message by Clete Hux
Faith Healers or Fake Healers? by Keith Gibson
Are Christians Promised Perfect Health? by Craig Branch

Book Reviews
The Wall Street Gospel by Joe Magliato. Harvest House, 1981; 144 pages.
The Faith Healers by James Randi. Prometheus Books, 1989; 318 pages
Televangelism and American Culture: The Business of Popular Religion by Quentin J. Schultze. Baker, 1991: 248 pages.
God, Are You There? Five Reasons God Exists and Three Reasons It Makes a Difference by William Lane Craig. RZIM, 1999; 54 pages.

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