How America Became Pagan: Part 2


August 15, 2022

Greg is joined by Clete Hux with to continue a discussion began on May 17th’s show about How America became pagan. Greg is joined later in show by Herbie Newell of Lifeline Child Services discussing this weekends Focus on the Family Wait No More Conference in Alabama. Lastly Greg talks about the alcohol being sold at Alabama football games current issue.

In this talk Clete and Greg continue discussing the Paganism of America. Many don’t realize that paganism is a religion. It robs God of His divinity and applies it to creation/mankind. It destroys the creator/creature distinction. The creature (self) defines reality and truth, there are no moral absolutes only moral relativism by which life is interpreted.  Thus many do it yourself divinities pop up – Panentheism, Animism, Polytheism, etc.  In our culture today freedoms are held in higher regard than truth.

For more information see Rev. Hux article here: