Jesus for a New Generation: Putting the Gospel in the Language of Xers

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What does the gospel look like through RayBans?Born in the 1960s and 1970s, today’s generation of young men and women is in crisis. Many grew up in broken homes. They face skyrocketing college costs and the prospect of underemployment–not unemployment–after college. They have never known a time not plagued by ethnic strife, rampant crime and public scandal. Generation X has been bred on skepticism and cynicism. That’s why it’s difficult to reach them with gospel. But Kevin Graham Ford, born in 1965, refuses to give up on his peers. Instead, in this often gripping book, he offers some of the most innovative and pracitcal guidance available on introducing a new generation to Jesus.Touching on postmodernism, narrative evangelsim, life in cyberspace and a host of other timely topics, Ford’s book will be welcomed by evangelists, pastors, campus fellowship workers, seminary students–all who teach, minister and live among Generation X.

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