Judaism. The Areopagus Journal – Volume 12 Number 4



Veritas: Judaism by Craig Branch

Judaism: It’s History and Beliefs by Patrick Zukeran – This article presents a brief overview of the historical development, basic beliefs, and one approach to sharing Christ with followers of Judaism.

Jewish Apologetics: Christianity’s Ongoing and Unique Challenge by Michael L. Brown – In this article the author discusses the Jewish objections to Jesus and responding to those objections.

To Be (Messianic) or Not to Be? by Baruch Maoz – In this article the author endeavors to answer, What is the Messianic Movement? What is its History? What are its views? How should Christians view this movement?

Is Salvation Possible Through Non-Christian Religions? by Jason S. Hiles – Judaism is not discussed in this article but it does address an important topic which often comes up when Christianity is compared to other religions. Religious Pluralism is the view that salvation may be found in all religions. Dr. Hiles shows that such pluralism is logically and practically incoherent.

Book Reviews
Christian Apologetics: A Comprehensive Case for Biblical Faith by Douglas Groothuis. InterVarsity, 2011; 676 pages

Salvation and Sovereignty:A Molinist Approach by Kenneth Keathley. B & H, 2010; 232 pages

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