Objections Sustained: Subversive Essays on Evolution, Law and Culture



Phillip E. Johnson has been called “our age’s clearest thinker on evolution” and the “principal lay critic of Darwinism.” Indeed, some of his most persuasive writing has been penned in opposition to the sacred cow of modern secularism. Here, for the first time, are collected several of Johnson’s pithiest essays attacking the idolatry of Darwin.Here also, however, are his stimulating thoughts on a wide variety of other topics, including “pop” science, religious freedom, American pragmatism, Paul Feyerabend, Winston Churchill, postmodernism and natural law.If you have read and appreciated Johnson’s previous books, you’ll enjoy this gathering of his finest work written for magazines and journals. Even if you haven’t read Johnson before, though, Objections Sustained will be an excellent introduction to a thinker who has become one of the foremost cultural critics of our day.

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