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Open Theism: Making God Like Us. The Areopagus Journal of the Apologetics Resource Center. Volume 4,

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A persistent theological controversy has been the attempt to reconcile the parallel truths of divine sovereignty and human responsibility. It began with Augustine and Pelagius, and continued with Luther and Erasmus, Calvin and Arminius, Whitfield and Wesley. Today, however, this debate is taking a more radical, even controversial form. The new theological construct is being called “open theism” or “free-willism”. I say “more radical,” because even most Christians who emphasize the human agency or responsibility part of the equation (free will, Arminianism) over the sovereignty of God part (predestination, Calvinism), also reject open theism as heretical (although it is a bit ironic in that open theism is a logical and consistent extension of Arminianism).
This journal presents crucial information
on the topic distilled by the authors as an alternative
for those without the time or the inclination to
read numerous books on the topic.
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