Paul 1 or Paul 2: Do We Need a New Perspective? The Areopagus Journal. Volume 7, Number 2.



In this Areopagus Journal and the next issue (Troublesome Movements in the 21st Century Church, Volume 7, Number 3), we will be addressing controversial movements within the body of Christ. You may be familiar with some of these controversies, but they are significant and are growing. In this issue, we are describing and responding to a movement called “The New Perspective on Paul,” developed in recent years primarily by E.P. Sanders, James D.G. Dunn, and N.T. Wright.

Veritas: Paul 1 or Paul 2? by Craig Branch

What Is The New Perspective on Paul? by Guy Prentiss Waters

The Gospel and the New Perspective: Does the New Perspective Teach Legalism? Samuel E. Wadron

Playing Checkers on a Chess Board: Understanding the Paradigm Shift of the New Perspective by Brandon Robbins

In the News

Book Reviews

Justification and the New Perspectives on Paul: A Review and Response. by Guy Prentiss Waters. P and R Publishing, 2004

Calvinism in the Las Vegas Airport: Making Connections in Today’s World by Richard J. Mouw. Zondervan, 2004

The Resurrection of Jesus: John Dominic Crossan and N. T. Wright in Dialogue. by Robert B. Stewart, ed. Fortress Press, 2006

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