Postmodernizing the Faith: Evangelical Responses to the Challenge of Postmodernism

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Postmodernism, with its denial of objective knowledge and deconstruction of language, has become a major topic of discussion in academic circles everywhere. How are evangelical thinkers responding to this new trend? In Postmodernizing the Faith, respected theologian Millard Erickson explores six evangelical responses–both positive and negative–to postmodernism and offers his own reaction to the movement. Erickson’s purpose is “to introduce readers to postmodernism, to sensitize them to the importance of the issues, and to show them some samples of differing evangelical responses.” Following an introductory chapter describing postmodernism, Erickson presents the responses of three evangelicals who consider the movement incompatible with orthodox Christianity. Next he details the thought of three evangelicals who believe “postmodernism is a development that needs to be accepted, and Christian theology done in light of it, and incorporating at least some of it.” In each chapter Erickson offers a judicious critique, highlighting both the strengths and weaknesses of the particular view being discussed.

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