Spiritual Abuse Recovery Workbook


By David Henke

The Spiritual Abuse Recovery Workbook represents four decades of research and experience by author David Henke. Within the pages of this workbook the author demonstrates the complexities of spiritual abuse, identifying underlying issues as well as recovery. Through it all, he shows compassion for those who continue to suffer from the effects of being in bondage to abusive spiritual systems.

Henke takes the reader on a tour of what spiritual abuse is, who are the abusers, as well as the makeup of who are frequently among the abused. Both Legalism and Mind Control are explored and identified as tools often used to oppress people. Healthy groups are also identified as the author helps the reader move on from the abuse.Spiritual abuse has a devastating effect on people. Since a very high level of trust is often placed in spiritual leaders, it is, and ought to be, expected that the trust will be honored and guarded. When such trust is violated, the wound is very deep. Sometimes the wound is so deep that the wounded person cannot trust even a legitimate spiritual authority again. Besides an unhealthy fear of, and disillusionment with, spiritual authorities, the spiritually abused person may find it difficult to trust even God. “How could (or why did) He let this happen to me?”

Sadly, there are many people that have found themselves trapped within a spiritually abusive group. To make matters worse, to leave the group, carries with it, severed relationships and deep emotional wounds.

Throughout the Spiritual Abuse Recovery Workbook, the reader will find it to be a guide to understand, identify, break free and recover from spiritual abuse. This workbook describes identifying characteristics of both spiritual abusive religious groups as well as healthy groups. Both legalism and mind control are explored as identifying marks of spiritual abuse.

Personal experiences of several people as well as the author’s experiences give weight to the principals explored in this book. Journaling throughout the workbook is encouraged, facilitating healing, on the road to recovery from spiritual abuse.It is hoped that those who have been subjected to spiritual abuse will find this workbook a helpful tool in their journey to recovery from their emotional wounds as well as to find healing in their relationship with God.