The Cult Next Door. Areopagus Journal Volume 4, Number 5



The Church Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) better known by their nickname ‘Mormons’ are one of the fasting growing new religions in the world, now numbering around 13 million worldwide. They are well known for their young male missionaries, often seen riding bicycles in their characteristic white shirts with dark pants. These young men bring a message about their founder Joseph Smith with his claims to restore the church and the gospel through a set of purported scriptures that claim to written in America by Native Americans around the time of Christ, better know as ‘The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ’. There are many issues that surround this radical claim which are examined in this journal. This includes understanding the Mormon gospel along with the LDS teaching that their gospel paves the way for a person to become a god and the requirements to obtain various forms salvation. The Book of Mormon is evaluated to determine if it is a credible work of history or a fictional narrative created by Joseph Smith. This journal is done by Christian Apologist that have decades of experience dealing with Mormonism, allowing this journal to effectively and clearly approach the major issues.

Veritas: The Cult Next Door by Craig Branch

Fortune Teller to Fortune 500: The History and Beliefs of Mormons by Clete Hux

The Book of Mormon: History or Fiction? by Keith Gibson

The Impossible God: A Philosophical Assessment of the Mormon Deity by Steven B. Cowan

“Ye Are Gods”: The Mormon Gospel by Bill McKeever

The Burning Bosom: A Look at The Mormon “Testimony” by Craig Branch

Book Reviews

Restoring the Good Society: A New Vision For Politics and Culture by Don E. Eberly. Baker, 1994

Mormonism 101: Examining the Religion of the Latter-day Saints by Bill McKeever and Eric Johnson. Baker, 2000

Is Everything Really Relative? by Paul Copan. RZIM, 1999

Evidence and Truth: Foundations for Christian Truth by Robert J. Morgan. Crossway, 2003

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