The Death of Truth

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The Death of Truth: Responding to Multiculturalism, the Rejection of Reason and the New Postmodern Diversity
By Dennis McCallum

Whatever Happened to Truth?America is in the midst of a revolution in thinking that impacts every conceivable aspect of life. Postmodernism, the guiding spirit of our times, teaches that things like reason and rationality are cultural biases, and that truth–especially God’s truth–doesn’t exist. A society that forsakes truth believes thatAll lifestyles, religions, and worldviews are equally validThe only real sin is criticizing someone else’s views or moral choicesOpinions matter as much as evidenceReality is in the mind of the beholder.Not since Charles Darwin confronted Christians with his doctrine of naturalistic evolution has the church faced a challenge for which it is so ill-prepared. We are witnessing The Death of Truth.

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