The New Absolutes



Those who claim tolerance and decry moral absolutes are the very ones imposing on society –

Our society’s problems are no longer “out there” somewhere. They affect our everyday work and family life and how we raise our children. Under the guise of tolerance, relativism, and a professed attitude of “live and let live,” new ideas are being advanced of what is true and right for all of us: Family is any grouping of two or more people. Religion should be banned from public life. Any sexual activity between consenting parties is moral. Politically incorrect viewpoints should be silenced.

Our culture’s consensus of what is true and right is shifting not because we as a society have become tolerant of all views and lifestyles, but because we are trading what we once believed to be true for new beliefs. Ten beliefs once held to be absolutely true are being trampled by ten new beliefs the personally and socially destructive new absolutes.

If the new absolutes are not exposed and opposed they will lead to cultural collapse.

“William D. Watkins has exposed the hypocrisy of the relativists and in so doing has made a major contribution to the critical struggle of our age. What is right? What is wrong? What is good? What is true? Those who claim not to know the answers to these big questions invariably substitute their own absolutes for the ones they have abandoned.”

Dr. Michael Jones, Editor, Culture Wars, Author, Degenerate Moderns


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