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Troublesome Movements in the 21st-century Church. The Areopagus Journal of the Apologetics Resource

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We have witnessed a number of new movements recently that involve doctrinal and/or practical challenges to the traditional church. Often we find that new revolutionary movements are generated as a corrective to tradition. This particular Areopagus Journal addresses the challenges of what is called the Emerging Church movement, the Church Growth Movement, the New Apostolic Reformation Movement, and the N.T. Wright’s Federal Vision interpretation. Even though there are some significant errors entwined in these new movements, the Church needs to examine itself and continue the mantra of the Reformation- “always reforming.” But this journal also demonstrates where these movements cross the lines of sound doctrine and practice.
This journal presents crucial information
on the topic of the issue distilled by the authors
as an alternative for those without
the time or the inclination to read numerous books on the topic.
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