WAR What Is It Good For? The Areopagus Journal. Volume 6, Number 6


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This issue of the Areopagus Journal has to do with the Christian or Biblical view of war, which is always timely as we consider the history (and future) of mankind. The role of government and the will of the people are inevitably bound together. Oftentimes, Christians miss this connection. We believe that as our nation ponders the future course of the war in Iraq and war on terror generally, Christians need to have a Biblical perspective on the subject of war. This journal presents crucial information on the topic distilled by the authors as an alternative for those without the time or inclination to read numerous books on the topic.

Veritas: War, What is it Good for? by Craig Branch

War and Peace and Political Wisdom: Just-War Moral Reasoning Reconsidered by J. Daryl Charles

War in the Old Testament by Steven B. Cowan

Does the Bible Teach Pacifism? by Todd Wilson

Disputations: Skeptics Just Don’t Get Moral Argument by Steven B. Cowan

Book Reviews:
Between Pacifism and Jihad: Just War and Christian Tradition by J. Daryl Charles
The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus by Gary R. Habermas and Michael L. Licona.
War: 4 Christian Views Edited by Robert G. Clouse
For Faith and Clarity: Philosophical Contributions to Christian Theology, Edited by James K. Beilby
Pocket History of the Church by D. Jeffrey Bingham

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