When Tolerance is No Virtue: Political Correctness, Multiculturalism and the Future of Truth and Justice

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By S. D. Gaede

These are the days of multiculturalism and PC (political correctness). Tolerance and diversity are the banners carried not only across university campuses but in the marketplace, the media and the halls of government. These are the days when devout Christians often find themselves scorned because they hold to “absolutes”. Yet, Stan Gaede writes, “As biblical people, Christians are committed to truth and justice. On some things we can waffle, but on this we cannot”. This is the book that describes multiculturalism fairly, both sympathetically and critically. It helps Christians understand the current emphasis on diversity, and sorts out what we should laud and what we should beware of in the rush toward tolerance. When Tolerance Is No Virtue charts a course of hope – hope that there can be a future for diversity, but also for truth and justice.

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